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Stacey Dales Net Worth 2024

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Stacey Dales is one of the most prominent names in the world of basketball. She used to play basketball in Canada professionally. Currently, the talented woman is working as a reporter for the NFL Network. The determined woman found her spot in the sports industry, and she is doing a fantastic job.

Stay tuned, read the article below, and find out all the details about her personal life, career, and her incomes.

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Early Life

Stacey Dales was born in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada on September 5, 1979. Her parents are Heather Dales and Jim Dales. She spent her childhood in Ontario together with her brother Burke Dales, the football player. From the early ages, she developed the love for basketball and decided to play it professionally.

Stacey finished Thousands Islands Secondary School Ontario, and during that time she was a part of the female basketball team Pirates Ladies. She was one of the most significant players and together with the team Dales won several High School Senior Girls Basketball Championship Titles. After finishing high school, she continued her education at the University of Oklahoma.

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As we already mentioned, Stacey started basketball career during her education. During that time she had a lot of achievements as she won various championships and Dales was a part of the Canadian female basketball team. Also, Stacey got an award as the Big 12 Conference Player of the Year. Thanks to her talent, Dales helped her team to qualify for NCAA Championship, but unfortunately, they got defeated.

Stacey is the first female Oklahoma player that made a record of 1700 points with 700 assists and 600 rebounds. In the Year of 2002, she again was named as All-sports Academic and All-American female player of the Year.

During the career, she played for Washington Mystics, but at the time Stacey retired from playing basketball because she got a hand injury. In 2006, she decided to continue her career and signed a contract with Chicago Sky, where she played for one year. However, in 2008 she retired from the basketball career.

Dales also has a fantastic journalist career as she worked as an analyst for the NBA and ESPN. The beautiful reporter is working for ESPN for over the ten years. It’s important to mention that she had a lot of achievements in a journalist career.

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Personal Life

Stacey got married to a Chris Schuman on 2002. Sadly, the couple didn’t stay together as they decided to divorce. Currently, there are no details about her relationship status.

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Stacey Dales Net Worth 2024

Stacey accumulated wealth from her basketball and journalism career. Currently, she is working as a side reporter for NFL Network, and she is still earning a significant amount of cash.

Stacey Dales’s estimated net worth in 2024 is $2 million.