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Spencer Grammer Net Worth 2024

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Spencer Grammer is one of the most popular actors in terms of voice acting in various animated movies, the most famous of which is Rick and Morty. However, she is much more than a voice artist and her career has much more to tell than that.

Personal life

It should be mentioned that she got her name after Karen Grammer, who is Spencer’s aunt. Her aunt has a tragic misfortune to be first raped and then killed before the actress was even born. The interesting thing about her aunt is that she was killed in 1975. Spencer was born on the 9th of October in 1983 in LA, CA, the USA. It should be also mentioned that she comes from an artistic family since her father, Kelsey Grammer, is a famous actor and director while her mother, Doreen Alderman, is a dance instructor. She has four siblings, and their names are Greer, Jude Gordon, Mason Oliva, and Faith Evangeline Elisa. She finished her education in LA and it should be also noted that she pursued an acting career from an early age. The first role she had was in 1992 when she acted in one episode in a series called Cheers. Her favorite movie in the teenage years was Annie Hall. The important thing about her personal life is the fact that her parents have been divorced since she turned two. This left a trait in her life since she has a lot of stepbrothers and sisters from various marriages that her parents have during the course of years.

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Her first interest was zoology and she tried to pursue this but she decided later on that she would like to pursue a career in acting instead. In order to do this, she decided to enroll at Los Angeles County High School for Arts. It should be also mentioned that she changed even three different high schools before she finally graduated from Marymount Manhattan College, her major being theater.


Her first breakthrough in movies took place in 2002 when she got a role in Sweetie Pie. After this one, she appeared in 15 additional movies so far. She also has a great career when TV series is concerned since she has appeared in 21 so far.

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It should be noted that the actress was engaged to James Hesketh and the engagement took place in 2011. The couple married in 2011 as well. The couple got a child in October 2011. However, it should be noted that James was the one who filed for divorce in 2017.

Social media

She is also very present when social media is concerned. She has succeeded to gather 24K followers on Instagram, and her Facebook and Twitter accounts are also very popular.

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Spencer Grammer Net Worth 2024

As far as her net worth is concerned, all the work eventually paid off since her net worth is estimated at $1 million in 2024.