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5 Simple Steps To Start Streaming IPTV

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Although it has been a while now since IPTV services have been on the market, likely, you are not fully familiar with everything that IPTV technology entails. We are here to explain to future users all the advantages of this technology and introduce you to 5 simple steps to start streaming IPTV.

The Popularity Of IPTV Technology

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Today, everything comes to us via the high-and-mighty Internet – so we watch TV more and more often via IP connection. The evolution of IP video services has not been easy – and now we have reached a point where IPTV is more important than ever. Moreover, it tends to a convergence of all multimedia services. At the start, we should say that the IP network, by its nature – is not the happiest medium for transmitting video signals.12

However, the low cost of equipment and the prevalence of IP networks have done their part. The shortcomings have been corrected and circumvented over time. The network has been improved – so that the IP connection has become a favorite way to deliver multimedia content.

Private Or Public Network

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In the past, the precondition for IPTV service was a private, controlled IP network – which is why the realization of IPTV service required a powerful infrastructure. This was necessary to keep under control variable parameters detrimental to video za data prevailing on uncontrolled IP networks – such as the public Internet.

Therefore, the IPTV service could be afforded by telecom operators that have the entire end-to-end connection, that is – from the video source to the end-user.  With the increasing presence of broadband Internet, the development of more efficient video codecs and the introduction of new streaming technologies – the conditions have been created for the delivery of quality TV content over the public Internet and IP video services have simply exploded – we are witnessing online video providers, such as Netflix, are conquering the market, and analyzes show that the trend of this growth will continue.


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The great advantage of IP video services is that on an IP basis it is very easy to implement additional services – such as those for online shopping, app store, media centers, and various widgets. Also, they are easy to integrate with the services of other providers – which opens up opportunities for dynamic business model changes and additional earnings.

All this is very difficult or completely impossible to perform on traditional platforms. That is why cable, satellite and other TV operators flirt with IP services through hybrid user devices (satellite, cable, and DVB ‑ T SetTop Boxes with an additional IP connection, for example) – and evolution towards complete IP solutions.

Start Your IPTV Streaming With 5 Simple Steps

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You’ve most likely heard tons of information about IPTV streaming. However, you may not realize where you should begin with regards to entering this whole new world of broadcast content spilled all over the web. You can visit here, and find out more about offerings of IPTV services.

However, we are gonna introduce you to streaming now. Since we are mostly used to utilizing cable or satellite TV – that most of us consider IPTV as something very complicated. We are here to disclose to you – that there truly isn’t almost any trouble when utilizing it. So here are 5 simple steps to start your IPTV streaming.

1. Buy An Android TV box

The most important thing in this process is – the Android TV Box. This is a device that serves many purposes – and a device that changes your satellite dish or cable housing. Therefore, we can say that this is the heart of your IPTV. Android TV boxes have special hardware that delivers media player and app for the content you’ll get. It also has pre-installed wi-fi to connect to the router. That way – any, even ordinary TV turns into Smart when connected to the Android TV box. There are a large number of TV boxes on the market today, so you can choose. However, if you are striving for quality – consider Nvidia Shield.

2. Download The IPTV Application

If you have opted for one of the traditional TV boxes, then you will need to find an adequate application that can be installed on it. Namely, these applications are the most important part because they represent the main media players with which you will have access to the content of your IPTV.

They can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, which is already installed in the TV box. Of course, you will come across a sea of ​​applications from which you can choose the one that suits you. Fortunately, most of these applications are of good quality and can be downloaded for free. What is important is that you should download an application that can support m3u and EPG formats. This is very important so that your IPTV playlists are loaded correctly.

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3. Find An IPTV Provider

To be able to use your Android TV box, you will also have to opt for a service package from one of the IPTV providers to be able to watch the content. Very similar to when you subscribe to the services of satellite or cable operators – so you need to choose an IPTV provider based on several important criteria.

First, it is the location. The provider should be located in your geographical area, as the reduced time interval between the provider and the service user depends on this. This way you will have a stronger connection, a better signal, and therefore better performance.

4. Setting Up An m3u Connection From An IPTV Provider

While it may sound weird, this is also a simple step. When you decide to offer and subscribe to services – you get something called m3u link. It is this link that represents your connection to the provider, so it connects your IPTV application which the provider confirms and you start the services for which you have subscribed to the provider.

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5. Get a VPN

This last step is not technically obligatory at all. However, it is recommended that you ‘complete’ the setup of your IPTV system with a VPN. This is a great way to protect your privacy while browsing the internet. The main function of a VPN is to hide or hide your IP address.