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Cost of Duct Cleaning: Do You Need It?

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We all need to do some detailed and complete cleaning of our home and every part of it, including the cooling and other air flowing systems that we frequently use. If your cooling or heating system is not cleaned regularly, it may spread dust, mold particles, and dirt around your home, causing respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and other possible diseases that are caused by them. But, most of us are not aware of that risk, and we somehow forget to hire a cleaning service for these air systems, or we leave them for later. Just because we can’t see those harmful particles, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, doing a lot of damage to our health and causing a lot of breathing problems. Many people confirm that their heavy breathing symptoms disappeared after they made a complete cleaning of the ducts in their homes.

Perhaps, several months, possibly years have passed since the last time you carried out duct cleaning. However, you are starting to realize that your home is not comfortable as it used to be and you are considering calling a professional to clean your ducts. But do you know how much it will cost you to have it cleaned? Besides, do you really need to clean it? And how often do you need to do that?

Those are vital queries Comfort Clean wants to address here. Before getting into this process, it is advisable to have some knowledge about duct cleaning in this location to avoid falling a victim to scammers as many unenlightened homeowners do. They also have answers to all the possible questions you may have about this type of service, including the frequency of duct cleaning and how to do that properly.

Here are some things you ought to be aware of:

  •  What to Know Before Getting Into Duct Cleaning
  • Differentiate Between Carpet Cleaners And Duct Cleaners

When looking for professional duct cleaners, you might be confused by some carpet cleaners who pose as duct cleaners. Sometimes, these ‘double dealers’ come to your home to clean your carpets, but when they realize that you need duct cleaning, they offer to clean them for you, and a ridiculously low price. And, you are taking the bait, allowing them to do that, without knowing what’s next.

Don’t be fooled!

This may look like a professional thing, but in real sense, it is a big scam. These carpet cleaning firms will tell you that they can clean your ducts too and for as low as $49.99. They will then remove the registers and vacuum them, return them and tell you everything is okay. It’s normal to think you are getting a great deal, but that deal may end up costing more than a one-time hiring a professional service.

If you already have fallen for a story like this, don’t be angry. It may happen to all of us because we are often trying to get great deals and save money on everything we can.

1. Duct Cleaning Cost

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If you want to carry out a thorough duct cleaning, you should not treat it as an add-on service when cleaning your carpets. To get the best results, you should do it as an independent process and be ready to spend roughly $500 per one cleaning. Duct cleaning takes at least 2-4 hours to be complete, depending on the house or apartment size. The cost also may vary due to the same reasons. Most of the time, one-time cleaning is enough for six to ten years, but if you live in a polluted area, you may need to do this more frequently, for example, every six to twelve months. If the condition of the ducts before cleaning was terrible, you may need to consider doing another one session after a few weeks, so you can be sure there are no dirt leftovers that can also cause harm and attract more dust to stick to it.

2. Know When It Is The Right Time To Clean Your Air Ducts

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There is a specific time when duct cleaning is necessary. For instance, if you are moving into a new home, you would want to call a professional for duct cleaning, so you can remove the dirt that was piling there for years. Also, when you have just completed building a new house, you should clean your home’s ducts because we all know that the renovation process also makes a lot of dust and dirt. There is usually a lot of dust, debris, and dirt that get into the ducts and accumulate there, and you don’t want them to spread all around your fresh and new home. According to Comfort Clean, duct cleaning is necessary after seven to ten years, unless you have some family members who are allergic or you live in a dusty area. The ducts can clean themselves up because of the fast airflow, but when they work every day for years, it’s normal to have some dirt inside that needs to be professionally cleaned.

3. Don’t Forget Your HVAC System When Cleaning Your Ducts

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According to experts, you cannot claim to have a quality duct cleaning if you don’t clean your HVAC system during the process of cleaning the air ducts.

However, even with that, there is one thing you should know – you should not allow your duct cleaners to interfere with your HVAC system unless they are professionals in handling it and they have a license.

If they want to clean it, they should give you a license upon request. If they don’t have it, then you shouldn’t allow them to go ahead and clean your HVAC system. Always hire professionals, even if that means you will need to pay more for their service.

In most cases, the maintenance of the HVAC system encompasses regular changes in the filters. Changing air filters is something you can handle yourself, and the filters should be replaced at least three months. This will make your HVAC system run smoothly and lead to energy efficiency in your home.

4. Unsolicited Pitches – Be On Lookout!

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Well, perhaps you don’t know how this happens. A duct cleaning Company calls you and tells you that they will be working in your area the coming week and can clean your air ducts for as low as $30 or some other unbelievably low prices. Too good to be true, right?

Don’t be hooked by the price-this isn’t even enough to get a pizza delivered to you! Obviously, this is an open SCAM! Avoid these unsolicited pitches, because you may end up spending a lot of money on cleaning products and services you don’t actually need.

If you need to clean your air ducts, it is important to follow the right process in getting the right company to work on your ducts. That means that you must find the best and trusted service around you and hire them to clean the ducts.