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Samantha Speno Net Worth 2024

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If you are a fan of WWE, then you must have heard about Samantha Speno. She is ex-wife of famous WWE professional wrestler, Randy Orton. The two keep in touch even after divorce, so it seems like they are still together, sometimes.

Despite the popularity that Samantha gained by marrying Randy Orton, she is a successful businesswoman. She is a famous American Makeup artist born on 11th January 1982 in Missouri, the USA. Also, she appeared in a few television shows including “Sunset Tan” in 2007.

Are you curious about her marriage with WWE star, her life after divorce, net worth and career path? Let’s take a look at all of Samantha Speno’s personal details!

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At the moment, Samantha is single, but she was previously married to Randy Orton. The two met at a local bar. Orton fell in love at first sight, so they started dating. They were enjoying their passion, so Orton gave her a proposal ring in 2005.

After two years of enjoyable life together, the happy couple got married in September 2007. After almost a year they were blessed with a baby girl. Allan Marie Orton was born on 12th July 2008.

Marriage life was going well for six years. They didn’t cheat each other, there wasn’t domestically violence either, but separation came anyway. The divorce process started in 2012 and was finalized in 2013. The reason was Orton’s job. He was always on business trips, away from home and family. Samantha was exhausted by living alone, so she decided to move on.

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Life after divorce

Although the couple moved separated ways, they still have some feelings for each other. They keep in touch and often share photos on social media platforms. These photos sometimes have confusing messages and captions. It’s like they never got divorced.

However, Orton got married for the second time in November 2015. Samantha posted a photo of Randy and his new wife at a wedding ceremony. His wife is Kim Marie, who gave birth to Randy’s second daughter. Brooklyn Rose was born in November 2016.

On the other hand, Samantha is still single and lives with her daughter Alanna who is 19 years old now.

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Samantha Speno gained fame before marrying WWE star Randy Orton. However, before meeting him, Samantha pursued her dream of being a gymnast and instructor.

She became a very successful makeup artist. Also, she found the opportunity in being a wardrobe designer. Spenohas “Rock+Stars” jewelry line and worked on Sunset Tan movie in 2007.

Apart from makeup stylist job, she is currently the owner of a company named “Stultify Incorporation.”

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Samantha Speno Net Worth 2024

Considering Samantha’s various jobs, it is assumed that her net income per year is around $150,000. Moreover, her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.