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Ryan Paevey Net Worth 2024

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Ryan is an American model and actor, mainly accessible by his role as police detective Nathan West in the T.V. series ”General Hospital.” He lives and works in Los Angeles, California, and he turned 32 years this year.

Early life and career

Source: abc.soapsindepth

Ryan Jacob Paevey – Vlieger was born on 24th September in 1984, in Torrance, California. Ryan spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles, along with his family, father LesVlieger, mother Linda Paevey and younger sister Kaitlyn. Ryan has a mixed origin, as his father is Dutch – Indonesian. Maybe this is the reason why Ryan’s appearance is unique and can be easily spotted in the crowd. Also, he stated once in the interview how he had a safe and happy childhood and that he is very close to his family.

Ryan started his acting career by appearing in music videos. One of his first appearings was in Katy Perry and Cher videos. Also, he was a double for Robin Thicke while he was making a music video ”Sex Therapy.”

In 2012, he appeared in the video for the song ”Your Body” performed by Christina Aguilera. After this video, Ryan started to get more recognizable, and many producers wanted to work with him.

Ryan collaborated with many celebrities during his modeling career. Also, he was a model for a clothing company Izod, and he acted in a commercial for Corona Extra beer.

Ryan’s serious acting career started when he got a role in the T.V. series ”General Hospital” and where he began appearing from 2013.

In 2015, Ryan got a leading role in the movie ”Unleashing Mr. Dacy” by Hallmark production. Their collaboration was successful. Therefore, he appeared again in one of their films in 2017 called ”Harvest Love.”

Ryan is involved in new projects and movies for 2019, such as ”From Friend to Fiance” where he plays Ted Cooper, and ”Dude Ranch” where he appears as Richard Belmont.

Apart from acting, Ryan is an entrepreneur, and he runs his own business Fortunate Wanderer, and he sells jewelry and outdoor gear.

Personal life

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Ryan is one of the most wanted single men in L.A. since he is either hiding his relationships or never get involved in something serious. He enjoys the company of various ladies. However, he never gets into a formal relationship with them.

Ryan loves adrenaline, and he has a motorcycle named Lilith, and he often uses that type of transport. As he often rides fast, he had an accident, but without any serious damages. Also, he is a big fan of sports and running and surfing.

However, he is not all in action; this young gentleman loves to spend time in the kitchen and to cook.

Ryan Paevey Net Worth 2024

Source: abc.soapsindepth

Ryan Paevey is one highly – talented and successful young man, and we can say that he is satisfied with his career. However, for now, Ryan’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million, and he has bought a luxury home for himself in California worth $800,000. Hence, his wealth will increase as long as he stays involved in new projects and modeling business.