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Rob McElhenney Net Worth 2024

The actor, writer, producer, and director Rob McElhenney is best known as the character Mac on the offbeat sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” He came up with this idea while he was working as a waiter. McElhenney has had small roles in other movies and TV shows, but his success is strongly entangled with the mentioned show.

Early career

Rob is a child of divorced parents because his mother came out as gay. He was raised by his father, who stayed in good relations with the ex-wife.

After graduating from high school, McElhenny moved to New York City to become an actor. He didn’t pursue any notable success, and because of that decided to find his happiness in Los Angeles as a 25 years old guy. Rob got some minor roles in TV series and movies, but in his head was developing the idea of a sitcom based on his observations of the friends he met as a struggling actor.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The short version of sitcom pilot was shot with a budget of $200 together with the longtime friends of Rob, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day. Rob showed the video to numerous agents and chose to cooperate with FX because of their approach of creative freedom.

The premiere of the famous show was in 2005. It has been renewed for 14 seasons which makes it one of the longest-running live-action sitcoms in TV history.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” pictures the life of an aimless, self-centered, ambitionless group of friend that call themselves “the Gang.” In the center of attention are two brothers who own a bar in a rundown part of South Philadelphia.

The show achieved a big success. Viewers welcomed its dark and twisted sense of humor.

In 2014, Entertainment Weekly listed the show at number 7 in its “26 Best Cult TV Shows Ever” lineup. The awards came too: Satellite Award for Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical in 2011 and a 2016 People’s Choice Award.

A New Show

Source: NME.com

In 2019, Rob McElhenney signed a contract with Apple TV for broadcasting new show titled Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet. It is about a group of friends who work in a video game company in developing the most exciting games.

Rob McElhenney Net Worth 2024

Source: Deadline

Alongside other works, the enormous success of Rob McElhenney gave his sitcom. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That’s from where it comes the most significant part of money income. It is estimated that Rob’s net worth is $40 million.


McElhenney is married to Kaitlin Olson with whom he has two children. She is a co-star on “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and known for  starring in “Scary Movie” and “Hous Bunny.”