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7 Tips for Sexting With Strangers

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Back in the days of no internet and mobile phones, the process for wooing an individual was a lot different. You had to be in their circle of friends to get to spend time with them, then muster enough courage to get to know them on individual terms, then get their landline number (which was a HUGE deal) then spend countless attempts trying to call their house and get them on the line, take them out on dates, and if you did everything correctly, eventually marry them. So easy, isn’t it?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because you have the internet at your disposal. Meeting people to date was never easier, and there are no prerequisites for getting to know them or talk to them. Various websites like us exist which take things a step further by connecting you with other people so that you can sext with them.

Yes, sexting with strangers is a thing now, and arousr.com is willing to facilitate it for you. Sexting is a very important skill to master for having a good relationship nowadays, which is why you should hone it. According to sexting veterans, sexting with strangers is even tougher.

Hence, we are here to help you out with some tips.

1. Consent is King

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Always ask for consent first. Even if they are your significant other, let alone a stranger. Sending a message which is sexual in nature and uncalled for is considered a form of sexual harassment and you can get penalized for it. Always make sure both the parties involved are comfortable with it. While getting them to sign an agreement made by a lawyer to avoid legal repercussions seems the way to go, experts would like you to adopt a mellower approach by just asking them.

2. Make Sure the Person is an Adult

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While every sane person would like you to be an adult as well, you should be very careful that the person you are sexting is an adult. Otherwise, there is a very high possibility that you will find yourself in a courtroom with everything you wrote being read out in front of a judge, along with several others.

3. Be Chill

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Now that you have covered yourself from legal repercussions, you have the freedom to start using any and every euphemism in the book for your assets. We suggest that you should relax yourself because in the world of sexting, you can feign confidence and hide your actual expressions.

4. Decide the Language of the Conversation

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While it may not seem so at first, having a common language to write in is a pretty important requirement for being able to sext. You can try not having fun if you don’t believe it. Well, there are a lot of commonly used acronyms in the world of sexting. You can acquaint yourself with these acronyms by getting yourself a guide or visiting our website a lot.

However, these acronyms come in handy only when both the parties know them. Otherwise, instead of them getting to teach them about how artistic your body is, you will be teaching them about the acronym and how you got to know it. Role-playing as a teacher is a fetish, but it is not a good idea to fulfill it like this.

Avoid acronyms which are long and confusing. You may know that ILYBSMTIAGTHWDAY stands for “I like your body so much that I am going to have wet dreams about you,” but we suggest not using this because it will rob your momentum. You should restrict yourself to the basic ones like: WAYW which stands for “What are you wearing?” and ASL which stands for “Age/Sex/Location” which is especially useful when you both are strangers.

5. Don’t Go over the Top Too Early

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Sexting is a very fun technique for getting you both in the zone. However, in the heat of the moment, it is just as easy to go over the line and reveal that you have an obsession with people dressed like animals (or other similarly awkward and mood-ending obsessions). If it involves children, you should definitely start proceedings to leave the country or start preparing to meet the stranger in the courtroom, nullifying all your hard work from steps #1 and #2. It is advisable for you to check whether the other person is similarly weird before blurting anything.

6. Your Identity, Your Responsibility

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Ask yourself, can you really trust the morals and principles of someone who is willing to sext with a stranger on the internet? Don’t start looking into the mirror contemplating your own morals because we all know how that train of thought will end.

While you may send obscure photos where nothing that can even remotely be used to identify you is visible, we recommend you to abstain from sending photos at all. Otherwise, you may very well find your photos decorating the welcome page of an incredibly shady website.

7. Get Rid of All Evidence

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Most people are unlikely to react positively to one of their peers sexting a stranger. If they somehow get a hold of the chats, it’s even more unlikely that they would like to know how you want to be tied and dominated while wearing nothing but boots.

What we want you to understand is that once you have sexted for the night (or day), it is better if you delete the texts to remove all evidence. Also, while it should go without saying, do NOT use your work laptop or phone for these activities, otherwise you may have to explain your weird fetishes to your boss, which is never a great idea.

Wrapping Up

While the world of sexting is obviously a very charming world, you have to be wary of every step you take because the very nature of this activity ensures everything you do is recorded and can be used against you. Make sure you follow all these steps so that you can enjoy a smooth sexting experience without any fear other than the very real fear of dying alone since you have been reduced to sexting with strangers.