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Myths and Misconceptions About CBD Oil

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Cannabis has been a controversial drug since it was declared illegal in many countries almost a century ago. With the rise of Marijuana studies and the popular ‘illegal’ use of the drug, many countries have dropped the ban since this has led to fewer crimes related to trading and using.

Since the private use of weed has been decriminalized, many of us are still left in the dark when it comes to the real facts especially now that it has branched into a variety of different products such as CBD oil, beauty products, edibles, and even dog treats.

There are so many contradictory statements and articles regarding cannabidiol (CBD Oil); one doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Myths like CBD can cure cancer and take away acute arthritis. To make sense of some of the most common myths, we will bust them for good.

Myth 1: Cannabidiol can cure all medical conditions

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There has been no scientifically proven evidence that this statement is correct. However, even if CBD doesn’t cure all medical conditions, the FDA has approved Epidiolex.
Epidiolex is a medication used to treat the effects of neurological conditions like seizures and epilepsy. It’s a cannabis-based medication and has proven wonders for patients.
When it comes to different diseases, cannabidiols can be used to treat and relieve some of the symptoms, not as a cure for a specific disease. This is very important to state, since this is not some wonder drug, but as any medication has its limitations and consequences in usage.
Some derivatives have been tested, and are used in the treatment of different diseases, in order to relax muscles, help the one using it fall asleep and maintain sleep quality on higher levels. Some symptoms like tremor can be reduced, as well as anxiety. This is due to the specific way that these medications work and interact with the nervous system, making the body feel relaxed.

Myth 2: CBD Oil relieves locational pain

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In 2005, Canada’s government approved the use of THC and cannabidiol for chronic pain that is hard to treat. Especially for pain and inflammation caused by multiple sclerosis, cancer, and neuropathic pain.
You can either digest a few drops of CBD oil with tea or rub it onto a painful area. Depending on the degree of pain a higher dosage is recommended. Even though it hasn’t proved to cure pain, cannabidiol and THC have proven to drastically relieve acute pain.
This has been proven in practice so many times, that it can help with pain management, there are a bunch of studies that are showing this, but it is essential to be cautious when using it.
Some terminal cancer patients that are on aggressive chemotherapy will use CBD oil in order to go through the therapy easier; even though the research on this is scarce in vitro, research revealed less severe symptoms to be reported when oil was used. Even though we have witnessed that the patients have less severe side effects from the chemo, it is not yet proven to be due to the oil itself or placebo effect, or both.
In addition to this, CBD oil is used by terminal patients that are on the pain meds, in order to decrease the dosage of these drugs since they can be very aggressive to the body as well as addictive. So the professionals in the countries this is legal are recommending lower doses of pain drugs and usage of oils in pain management.

Myth 3: CBD is a money-making business

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Sure, who wouldn’t want to buy a variety of drugs that were once illegal? Whenever manufacturers see a demand amongst consumers, they will jump at the opportunity.
Putting CBD oil in almost anything just to make some money out of it, even though some manufacturers do misuse this trade. Many legitimate online dispensaries do have a passion for many purposes. As long as you find a credible dispensary, you’ll be guaranteed fair prices from people who really want to help.

CBD oils can now be found in makeup and face products as well since there are a lot of claims of its positive effects on the skin. Serums, creams, and tonics can be found all over the market, and it is wise to check the products and concentration before using any of the products on you.

Myth 4: It doesn’t really work

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Many individuals have tried taking CBD oils for no apparent reason. Then after a few days, they will claim that it has had no effect on them. This product will only help candidates who suffer from symptoms or conditions that the product is designed to treat.
You won’t drink a headache tablet if you don’t have a headache. Many users with arthritis, mental health conditions, and other acute pain conditions have testified that CBD oil really works.
Plenty of research is being pointed in this direction to see to which extent this can be used and who will have benefited from using it. Of course, if you are perfectly healthy, this will not have an effect on your body, since, as stated, oil can assist in pain management.
Patients suffering from fibromyalgia are known to use the oil during flare-ups, and at these times, it is helpful to manage and decrease the severity of the inflammation and the pain. They did state that it does not work if they are taking it when there is not flare up and pain. This is an excellent example of how the oil will help solve a problem that is there, and do nothing if there is nothing to be fixed.

Myth 5: You’ll get high from using CBD oils

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CBD Hemp Oil products like the ones sold on the Cheefbotanicals website, are specifically created with less than 0.3% THC. This means that many products sold on online dispensaries aren’t made to give you a high.
The main purpose of these highly technically developed products is to treat a variety of different conditions. This has nothing to do with smoking and having a good time while achieving the buzz of your life.

Myth 6: It’s illegal

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There is a bit of a grey area when it comes to the sale products that come and distribution of CBD. Products that can be sold to consumers can’t contain more than 0.3% of THC. Whenever a product has more than this percentage, it is classified as a schedule one drug. Therefore, it is illegal to be sold over the counter.
Under federal law, consumers are allowed to buy CBD products that come from the hemp plant. It’s therefore important that you always check the label of any CBD oil products sold online or in stores.
Legal products will almost always have a label on it that proves it has been lab-tested. Without being approved, the distribution of those products will be illegal.
If you are experiencing symptoms from seizures, nausea, depression, PTSD, anxiety, acne, or pain, then you can try a legal CBD hemp oil product yourself. After all, it’s better to try and bust the myths yourself than to believe everything you read on the internet.