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6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save Money

Do you know what is a carbon footprint? Probably you’ve already heard about it, but maybe you don’t know what that is. We can say that it’s the total emission of greenhouse gas, and a lot of factors can take a part in it, including the individuals, since we are breathing, driving cars, using public transport vehicles, cook, eat, and use electricity, as we spend the natural resources to improve our life quality. Also, we use different manufactured products, we live in solid buildings, we wear clothes, shoes, use smartphones, cosmetics, fragrances, books, and many other things that somehow are dangerous for the environment.

You may think that changing your habits won’t make a huge difference. But, can you imagine the result if your whole household starts to take care of the environmental issues? It would make a huge difference. Also, you can be a nice example to your friends and relatives, and maybe inspire them to change something in their life. That can be the cosmetics you use, the food you eat, or the way you behave when out in nature. Surely, you can start with tiny changes, and then take bigger steps, until you accomplish the level you want. But, do you know that reducing your carbon footprint can also help you save money in the long term? It may seem like something we can only dream about, but the people who are already doing that, report that they improved the quality of their life, and reduced the cost of their general lifestyle.

Here are a few ways how to start:

1. Be careful about the type of hygienic products you use

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Today, it’s very easy to find a lot of information on how your favorite cosmetic and hygienic products are produced. A lot of companies already meet the carbon-reducing standards of manufacturing. One of the products we all have is also known as a big enemy of the environment – your deodorant sprayer. Do you know that solid options are much better for that? You don’t spray aerosols in the air and don’t let any drop fall on the surface or interfere with the water. According to alternativi.fr, the solid ones can come in reusable containers, which means a sustainable way of living, and that’s great. The same goes with fragrances, shampoos, or even makeup. Even the tampons and menstrual pads are now turning green, and a lot of women decide to give a chance to the reusable cup, so they can reduce the waste. There are plenty of options, and you need to find your starting point with that.

2. Reusable straws

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Do you know that the usual plastic straws can break into microscopic pieces, but they won’t degrade in the soil or water ever? That’s why a lot of small businesses sell reusable metallic straws, that are easy to use and clean. They come in a lot of sizes, colors, and designs, and are a great option for those who still want to drink with a straw, but don’t want to endanger the oceans.

3. Line-drying instead of clothes dryer

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We all know that the drying machines that go together with the washing machines are a good solution if we want fast drying. But, do you know that if you dry them naturally, it’s much better for the environment. You will save a lot of energy by doing that. Surely, it takes more time than simply throwing your freshly washed clothes in the dryer, but it won’t consume that much electricity. If you own a dryer or combined machine, then you have to know that it’s one of the most energy-consuming appliances in your home. Just check it while working, and feel the heat that comes from it. That tells a lot.

4. Try to eat local and organic

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You can grow the vegetables and fruits on your own, or you can become regular in the local organic farms. Try to find these places as close as possible to you, so you won’t have to go there with your car, or they won’t need to ship it to you using special vehicles with an advanced cooling system. It’s not easy, since there aren’t pesticides or other chemical treatments that extend the expiration date of this food, but it’s completely possible. If you don’t have a farm near you, try to contact the producers to connect you with their re-sellers. It’s good for your health from many aspects, especially giving up on processed food and chemically treated products.

5. Grow your own garden

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Even if you live in an apartment, you have a chance to build a unique balcony garden that will turn into a green place, that absorbs carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen. You can make research to see which plants will reduce the carbon footprint the best, and of course, which flowers are bee-friendly. Never forget that bees are an important chain in the life cycle, and the whole natural healing depends on them. If you have your own yard it would be easier, but creating a small jungle in the middle of the city can do its thing, and purify the air as much as it can.

6. Smart shopping

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When you buy clothes, you surely want to buy more for the money you have. That’s how the people are buying cheap pieces for a couple of dollars each, piling up a lot of t-shirts, sandals, accessories, and many other things that we don’t necessarily need right now. That’s what we call “fast fashion”. You need to be smarter, because if you invest in quality pieces, you will probably be able to save money in the first place, and then prevent the large textile waste from your household. Also, cheap clothes are treated with colors and chemicals, which is not that good for your health.

As you can see, these are a few tiny changes that you can afford to make right now. As soon as you start planning the way you live, and dedicate yourself to reducing the carbon footprint, you will improve the quality of your life, and see the first benefits in just a few weeks. And it’s totally worth the effort.