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Poker Can Make Us Smarter

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Games of chance such as poker, where mathematical and statistical rules can be used to determine the odds of success in a game, are widely practiced, analyzed, and studied by stock investors and trading experts around the world.

Poker has grown from just a fun card game to a valuable tool for smart business. Scholars claim that the strategies and skills the game develops can be extended to investor training programs and the negotiating agents of the companies that seek to train personnel with a more structured vision, emotional strength, and competitive skills.

Before venturing into the big casinos, we have to go through the virtual casinos. Online slots have become so popular that if you haven’t been here, you should think about it. That is where you can find highly intelligent poker players.

Being a mind game it requires mathematical calculations. In short, this game is not for everyone. If you want to belong to the world of poker, you have to have a tremendous mental capacity to solve problems. In this sport, you could meet brilliant people.

The intelligence of poker players

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There are players of all types, those who don’t flinch, distract the opponent, talkers, etc. There are professional players in any branch of work—some, even in areas that would surprise you. Mathematics teachers, engineers, and accountants, among others, are a clear example.

However, there are people from different fields. Despite this, people who can do mathematical calculations will have an immense advantage. That is how you can meet some of the brightest minds in casinos.

The brilliant minds of poker

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There are highly recognized poker events around the world. They bring together the best players in the world. Some of these have even been on television. Every one of these events has one thing in common, and that is that they bring together some of the brightest minds in the poker world.

A name that never stops being heard in these casinos is Johnny Moss. A brilliant-minded player who reinvented poker for new and coming generations. He was considered to be one of the best poker players in the world for quite some time, and that is a somewhat deserved epithet.

Other well-known names are Doyle Brunson, Phill Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, among others. As we can imagine, they share a great passion for poker. However, for them it is more than that, it is a lifestyle. At some point, everyone aspired to or got the title of the best player.

Playing poker improves cognitive skills

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There are methods to develop our mental intelligence, and poker is one of them. To find out more about it, click here. Not only could it help us improve it, but it can introduce us to brilliant minds. Outside of the game, you can get to know many intelligent people.

Also, not every good mathematician can be a good poker player. And it is that this mental sport has many peculiarities for its various players.

Poker is a game of intelligence

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Poker tournaments are acclaimed by novice and professional players, but also by the negotiators of prestigious companies. They see this game as a hobby that helps them develop valuable techniques in their profession. Some of the lessons that poker can teach us are the following:

  • Emotional control: Outstanding poker players insist on the importance of maintaining control over emotions. Making this premise is a golden rule not only for the game but also for smart negotiations. Patience, restraint, and peace of mind allow us to analyze the weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, and threats that arise so that a productive negotiation and a good game can be successfully concluded.
  • Play multiple hands: Players know that the winning card will come at the best time, so they bet on multiple hands at the same table to achieve better wins. Negotiators know that you should not invest all the money in a single company, but that you should have different projected business models, calculating the risk, the profit, and the expected value.
  • Know when to fold: Poker players do not accept all the hands that come to the table and, in many cases, try to find the final position at the game table seeking greater control over the intentions of their opponents. Investors and negotiators know that not all companies are profitable, so they carry out studies that allow them to know their competitors and the profits generated by each business, in such a way that an assessment of the advantages and viability of each of the companies are made.

Playing Poker: Emotional Intelligence

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It is of great importance to make proper emotional management when playing poker, more than we can think of. This situation can be extrapolated to many other games, such as a tennis match, chess, a negotiation, or the performance of an examination, where emotional and rational intelligence must go hand in hand to ensure victory.

Emotional intelligence is the consciousness of your consciousness. A poker player with high emotional intelligence can assess his strengths and weaknesses frankly and honestly, with acceptance, and without fear. A poker player without this gift will find it very difficult to succeed in his professional endeavor.

And it is that in poker, as in life, it is not useful to ignore emotions. The brilliant thing is to know them, know yourself, and use all the information they give you to achieve your goals.

A poker player must be aware of his emotions and manage them properly. It seems obvious, but as expert players know by now, tilt is one of the greatest dangers anyone can face. For this, it is necessary to understand how to evaluate at what specific point we are and how to be able to meet and overcome situations of apparent risk.

Poor emotional control means that we are going to deviate significantly from our goals. That is getting nervous or angry,  and it will seriously affect the way we have to interpret individual plays. Then, we are more likely to make some extremely crazy decisions that can cost us a lot.

Therefore, it is essential for when we want to play poker, that we know how to self-manage our emotions and that we learn what the possible threats that our personality may pose to our game are. It will save us a lot of money.


Poker teaches us to smart business since it is based on statistical and mathematical models of probabilities where the participants apply psychological strategies, like managing emotions, bluffing, or poker face. That is the reason why stockbrokers and investors recognize it in the practice of poker. Some tools will make them intelligently succeed in the business world.