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Why Photo Booths Rentals are Becoming so Popular?

Remember that about twenty years ago, there were photo booths near every tourist attraction where visitors could take a picture with their friends or family. The same could be said about every kind of event. Pretty much everywhere you could find one of these. Since cameras have become a part of every mobile device, we can see that the need for these almost ceased to exist.

But it needs to be said that they were still present. However, in the last couple of years, we can see that their popularity has reached some sort of peak. They are now ever than they have ever been. We can even see that there are statistics that can prove this claim of ours. In 2018, the need for them increased 13% when compared to 2017.

More and more people decide to rent these for a wide array of different events. If you are interested in renting one of these, be sure to visit instaphotoboothrental.com. The question is, why should anyone pay to have a photo that has questionable lighting and other aspects when you can do all of it via your mobile device. Let us take a look at this situation.

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Why Are They Still Present?

As we’ve said, even with all the mobile devices we now have, photo booths are still widely popular. The main goal of these is for people to get close, physically, and to create some memorable images. It is widely believed that this is a much more personal way of taking images than lining up in front of the mobile camera and taking a selfie.

Furthermore, people are taking pictures inside these when they are already hyped because of all the surroundings. Plus, you are getting a copy of your image instantly. You don’t have it on your mobile, you have it in your hands. You can draw an analogy between having a book in front of you and reading an ebook. Some people simply like to have a physical copy of something in their hands.

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They are a Part of Entertainment

Almost every person who has experience with being in a photo booth knows that these are a part of the experience. Not only that, they can be a part of the entertainment. For example, you are at a party where people wear costumes. The fun is not complete if you don’t go to the photo booth with your friends and take an image that will document your experience and keep it as one of the fondest memories.

When you are at some parties, pay attention and see if they are there. Without a doubt, you will notice that there are much more of them than they were there just a couple of years. As you can see, this is an irreplaceable part of the entertainment, as well as music, food, beverages, etc. It’s no wonder that they have resurrected once again as a crucial part of the whole experience.

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What is New in This Concept?

We are sure that this is a concept that sparks people’s imagination, and the result is what we have in front of us, in the form of an image. However, it needs to be said that the new technologies are introduced in it. For example, you can choose between digital or basic vintage booths.

Furthermore, many different companies offer their users a chance to have trading cards, which makes it great for any kind of party. Of course, they are mostly used in kid parties. We are talking about themes influenced by many sports teams, movies, TV shows, etc.

Why Are They So Popular Nowadays?

Now, we would like to talk about all the factors we’ve mentioned above and combine them. All of them create a reason why photo booths are so popular nowadays. For quite some time, they were considered outdated and not too many people were interested in them. It needs to be said that new technologies played a vital role in making them more popular than they have ever been.

But people simply like to have a much more personalized experience. It can be said that being in a photo booth with your friends is a much more personal way of documenting a certain memory than capturing it with a mobile device. Just take a look at one of these images and you will understand what we are talking about. With people getting more distant these days, they simply want to get closer, and this is one of the ways for them to do it.

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What Does the Future Hold?

As is the case with a wide array of different things in this world of ours, we can see that photo booths have evolved enormously in the last couple of years. They are much more applicable than they have ever been. If you take a look at them now, you will see that they are smaller, easier to use, and more solid than they have ever been.

Many people would be surprised to see that these can be put inside a car, which was simply not possible in the past. Nowadays, these don’t offer just images, you can see that they can provide users with gifs, videos, slow-motion videos, etc. Surely, this technology has expanded the interest of users and we can see that it is on a much higher level than it ever had.

Overall, we can see all of these factors say that the concept of photo booths has a great future in front of them. Plus, we can see that the technology used in these will get even more upgraded in the years to come. Therefore, we can expect that they will be more versatile in the future. At the same time, we can see that their popularity will grow. All of the reports and studies say that we can expect that to happen.


As we could see from this article of ours, photo booths are here to say. It needs to be said that the companies behind them have found a perfect way to resurrect them. Sure, it will continue in the future.