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How To Choose An Online Trading Broker For Beginners

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There is no better time than today to become an online trader. High competition among brokers means lower commissions and higher chances of making an interesting profit.

And with so many different brokers and financial agencies fighting to conquer the market that new investors represent, it may be hard and confusing to find the perfect match for traders’ style and level of expertise.

The solution?

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Doing research and learning about the brokers you’re interested in. And the best way to do it is using tools like investingoal.com, which offers a very detailed and professionally designed comparing tool that can help newer traders but also a more experienced investor, find the right broker for them.

Investigoal.com also has a long list of reviews about brokers, as well as articles on the latest news, and a very useful guide section where all traders can find educational tools to learn more and become more successful in their investments.

Beginners will find incredible value in the material presented on this site, especially if they are looking to get a broker.

What do you need to know when choosing a broker?

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The world of financial investments is very complex indeed. Today, trading online means having to operate on very fast and complex financial markets. Everything changes quickly and a small trader does not always have the tools to be able to make the correct choices. precisely for this reason the choice of the broker plays a decisive role! When it comes to choosing a broker, in particular the first time, several aspects need to be considered seriously.

Traders shouldn’t be blinded by amazing offers or too-good-to-be-true deals. Meticulous research can help in the long term to be safe while investing, but also making sure the broker of your choice satisfies your trading needs.

The following are some of the most important aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked. Some are always a priority, like checking the brokers’ regulatory registration, others may be priorities for some or maybe not.


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The first and most important consideration any beginner trader has to keep in mind is the fact that a broker has to be registered with the entities in charge of overseeing their activity in the market and set up standards that ultimately keep traders (and their money) safe.

Each country has its own regulatory bodies, and some have an international presence. Making sure your broker is registered with one or more of these institutions makes them more reliable and serious, as well as safe.

Commissions and fees

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This point is usually a priority among many traders, however, beginners should know that low commissions and fees may come at the high price of sacrificing something else. So going for the lowest cost may not be a good idea, after all.

The most important consideration when it comes to the cost of trading online is that traders have to be able to afford it. If the commissions or fees are too high, that’s a problem, if they are too low but you don’t get decent customer service, it may cost more.
Precisely for this reason, you must not choose the forex that “costs you less” but the best broker for your needs. What instruments do you want to invest in? What kind of assistance do you need?

If the broker is able to meet your needs then it is definitely better to spend a few dollars more on commissions, rather than saving money but not being able to trade the markets professionally.

Online platform and features

Online brokers have a platform (or maybe several) available for traders. This is the doorway into the market, so the tool traders will be using constantly.

Making sure the platform satisfies your needs, in terms of your level of expertise, as well as the types of trading you’re interested in, it’s of utter importance. It is also very important that the broker offers all the tools necessary to allow you to invest in the stock market successfully. For example, there are many traders who prefer to invest in stocks, others who prefer commodities or forex.

Using a broker that allows you to invest in different instruments is essential to diversify your securities portfolio, so as to maximize earnings and minimize risks.

To make sure the online platform of a said broker is what you want, we recommend using the demo account most brokers offer wisely.

Once you have chosen the most suitable broker it is important to start investing professionally. The advice is to follow the Forex market, Forex charts and market analysis to monitor information and technical levels. Forex, in fact, is the reference market and, precisely for this reason, it can also be an excellent indicator to evaluate the path to take to invest in other assets (stocks, bonds, raw materials, etc.). Charts are an indispensable tool for improving trading returns so study technical analysis!

Some online tools and services provide breaking news on the main news that can affect the financial markets. Being constantly updated can make a real difference! Where possible, deepen the analysis of trading strategies by experienced Forex traders. Using a broker that allows you to invest in different instruments is essential to diversify your securities portfolio, so as to maximize earnings and minimize risks.

Most traders fail because they make the same mistakes over and over. Precisely for this reason it is very important to keep track of all the operations that are done in the space of a day, a week or a month! Online trading, such as forex trading requires careful risk management and a good knowledge of the sector.

Customer service

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Some brokers are known for the quality of their customer service. And when it comes to new traders, we always recommend choosing a broker that will be present when you need help.

Some brokers offer their customer help online, on the phone, by chat, or by email. This makes them more accessible and reliable, which should not be overseen.