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Nora Arnezeder Net Worth 2024

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Nora Arnezeder is a French actress and singer, most famous for roles in popular T.V. series ”Zoo” and ”Origins.” Nora turned 30 years this year, and she lives and works in Paris, France.

Early life and career

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Nora Arnezeder was born on May 8th, 1989 in Paris, France, from parents Wolfgang and mother Piera. Having a rich and various family background, Nora grew up by the influence of her Austrian – descent and Catholic father, and her Egyptian and Sephardic – Jewish mother.

Although she was born in Paris, Nora grew up in Aix-en-Provence, where she spent a calm and happy childhood, along with her younger sister Lea. Together with her parents, Nora grew up surrounded by various music genres, such as Asian music, jazz, and Indian music, and she remembers that then she started to develop her interest in music.

Moreover, Nora got interested in acting as well, and she decided to spend a year in Bali, Indonesia, where she will focus on what matters to her. As follows, once when Nora arrived, she enrolled at Cours Florent Drama School and started her education.

Besides singing and acting, Nora also got some modeling offers. One of the modeling agents noticed Nora while she had a family dinner. An agent approached her with the story of a modeling career. However, when he told her that she has to drop seven pounds immediately, Nora refused the offer with the smile and said, ”how she prefers her French fries instead.”

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Nora’s acting career began around the year of 2007, with the role of Lyri in the movie ”Les Deux Mondes.” The critics were positive, and she got enough confidence to move on with the acting career. Soon after that, in 2008, Nora had her first more significant role, in the movie ”Paris 36” aka ”Faubourg 36.” Nora did her job correctly and even won the Lumieres Award and the Etoile d’Or Award for the same movie. Moreover, her singing career blossomed at the time, as she recorded a song for the same film called ”Loin de Paname” which got nominated for the 82 Academy Awards for the Best Original Song category.

In the year 2011, Nora gave a voice for the animated movie ”Louis la Chance” for the character of Katia. Soon after that, Nora entered the role of Chloe for the film ”La Croisiere.”

Next year, in 2012, was Nora’s flourishing year regarding her acting career. Firstly, there was a movie adaptation of the homonymous novel by Yasmina Khadra ”What the Day Owes the Night” where Nora played a significant role, as Emilie. Later, there were two movies ”The Words” and ”Maniac”, both of them successful, where Nora got positive reviews as well. Last but not least, Nora got to play the role of Ana Moreau for the action – thriller movie ”Safe House” where she got the chance to act side by side with Ryan Reynolds and legendary Denzel Washington. What a year, right?!

Moreover, Nora got widely famous for her next appearances, which came along after the year of 2013. Besides movies ”Angelique” and ”Fiston” which had a high reach to the audience, Nora appeared in the ”Mozart in the Jungle” series in 2014, which won two Golden Globes. Later on, next year, Nora accepted the part for Chloe Tousignant in the series ”Zoo” by James Patterson and Michael Ludwig, thanks to which she got widely recognized everywhere. Her latest achievements are associated with horror – sci-fi series ”Origin” which is currently shooting.

Personal life and social media

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Nora is one of those actresses who doesn’t like to post pictures of herself on Instagram and other social media, and she prefers to keep her life private. However, Nora had few public relationships, such as with Cristophe Barratier, Gad Elmaneh, Guy Burnet, etc. But, none of them lasted long enough to become significant to Nora; therefore, she is currently single.

Furthermore, Nora was a topic of various tabloids, and paparazzi’s in 2014 after she was spotted on the beach in Formentera with famous Hollywood star Orlando Bloom, and later that year at ”The Roger Room” bar in L.A. having fun with him. Despite both of them remained quiet about the events, most of the tabloids spoke about their apparent secret affair. Nevertheless, it didn’t last long, and Nora is currently single and prefers to spend time with her friends.

Additionally, despite her rare connections with social media, she likes Instagram, and she has more than 7,500 followers there. Besides, Nora doesn’t hold any other public social media profiles.

Nora Arnezeder Net Worth 2024

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Nora is a young actress and star on the rise, and her balance is rapidly growing year by year. For now, it is estimated that Nora’s net worth is around $2 million. The numbers on her bank account are likely to change due to new projects this year.