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Nina Sosanya Net Worth 2020

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Nina Sosanya was born on the 6th June in 1969 and she is currently 50. It should be also mentioned that she was born in London, England, the UK. It is also worth mentioning that she comes from a family of mixed origins. More precisely, her father is Nigerian and her mother is English.

As far as her education is concerned, it is known that she finished Vale of Catmose College which is located in Oakham. We should also add that he decided to pursue her dancing dreams and this was the reason why she enrolled at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.


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As far as her career is concerned, we should mention that she had her first big role in 1992 when she acted in The Bill in the episode called World of Rights as Linda. In the same year she also appeared in a movie called Prime Suspect 2 as Joanne Fagunwa. Two years passed until we saw her in another movie, and this was a 1994 movie called Hercules and the Amazon Women, her character being Chilla. We can also say that 2001 was also good for her since she managed to land three roles in TV series.

First, she appeared as Karen Blaine in Jonathan Creek in the episode called The Three Gamblers. Then she appeared in Doctors as Jasmine in the episode called Late Action Hero and she finally appeared in Urban Gothic as Ezli in the episode called Deptford Voodoo. 2001 was even better for her since she had larger roles on TV. First of all, she appeared in 2 episodes in People Like Us, her character being Cassie Pearson. Her bigger role was a character Jenny Page whom she played in TV series called Teachers. It should be also noted that she appeared in 18 episodes which were aired in 2001 and 2002. It may be said that 2003 was her year of breaking through since she managed to play in three movies. More precisely, she played in The Debt, Code 46 and Love Actually.

She also appeared in Serious and Organized, TV series. When we are talking about the recent years, we should mention that she appeared in The Dark Crystal in 2019 and she also appeared in the miniseries called Good Omens. Her prominent roles would also include Killing Even where she appeared in 4 episodes and Hilda when she appeared in 13 episodes. We should also mention that she was the narrator in Moon and Me for 50 episodes. When other movies are concerned, we should mention The Highway Rat and You, Me and Hum.

Nina Sosanya Net Worth 2020

Source: CelebMafia

As we have seen, she has been acting for years and she has been active since 1992. During these years, she always had work and she appeared in many movies that hit the box offices. Taking all this into consideration, we should not be surprised to find out that her net worth has been estimated at $4 million as of 2020.


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