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8 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Amsterdam

The capital of Holland has always seemed to us one of the great jewels of northern Europe. But not only is it a perfect getaway, with its canals and charming neighborhoods, but it is also a very interesting city. The city of Amsterdam is one of the most desired travel destinations for young Europeans. The freedom that is breathed between its streets, the famous coffee shops, the booths, and the pornographic shows are some of the most striking claims of the capital of the Netherlands. What to see in Amsterdam is, therefore, an easy question to answer: get lost in its streets, breathe that bohemian and libertarian atmosphere … and commit something crazy, which you only live once!

What not everyone knows when they travel to Amsterdam is that the city hides a multitude of curiosities that would leave more than one with their mouths open. So after touring Amsterdam on a 4-day route, I bring valuable information for you to value this magnificent city beyond the obvious pleasures it offers.

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1. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is the country’s administrative and political heart.

2. Amsterdam has 51 museums. From the most sophisticated ones like the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh’s to museums of tulips, sex, diamonds, or the famous Dutch cheese. The Jewish quarter is one of the “ugliest in the city,” and I’m not saying it. The inhabitants of Amsterdam themselves say it. The remodeling project was left to the architecture students and liked so little that the mayor was immediately removed from the office. So this is one of the streets to see in Amsterdam to give your opinion.

3 Amsterdam is one of the cities with the most museums in the world: there are hundreds, being those of Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum, the most loved and visited. The Begijnhof convent is a hidden mini-city in the middle of Amsterdam. The nuns gave the enclosure to the most disadvantaged, but with one condition: from 5 pm, there can only be women in the enclosure.

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4. The stairs of Dutch houses are usually quite dodgy: they are so steep that going down them, if you suffer from vertigo, you will have a very bad time. And to top it off, the steps are very narrow.

5. The most curious thing about the houses, however, can be seen from the outside: we are talking about the supper facades sloping forward, which seem to be defeated at any moment. They are built like this to allow furniture and other objects to be carried during removals, as it is impossible to put them up the stairs. And how do they do it? At the top of the buildings, you will see a hook: through it, thanks to a system of pulleys, the load is lifted up to the window it touches. The facade is tilted so that hanging objects do not clink against it!

6. Continuing with the facades of the houses, notice because, in many, you will see some tiles with the profession of the old inhabitants of the building. It was not until Luis Bonaparte that he began to put numbers in the streets.

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7. On Calle Singel 7 is the narrowest house in the world: it is only 1 meter wide. Although it has a trap inside, it is much larger than it appears. But if you notice, all the buildings in Amsterdam are very narrow; this is because, in the past, people had to pay taxes depending on the size of the façade.

8. Amsterdam is known as “the Venice of the North” thanks to its almost 400 canals: the entire city is surrounded by water, and this gives it a unique atmosphere. It also has a large number of bridges around 1,200 in the city. By the way, do not leave without taking a walk through the canals; it is cheap and allows you to have another perspective.

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