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Nash Grier Net Worth 2024, Personal Life, Career

Nash Grier is an Internet Influencer. He gained his popularity thanks to Vines, YouTube, and social media platforms. This Internet star was able to buy himself a house when with just 16 years old. Nash is known for his silly and funny six-seconds video clips for Vine, and later he created a YouTube channel.


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What is Nash’s job?

Nash made enter to the wide auditorium by posting creative and entertainment six-seconds videos for Vine where he grabbed the attention of over 12.6 million fans. Humorous, funny, and outrageous Vines attracted mostly the girls aged from 12 to 20.

His YouTube channel is also viral, with almost five million, and the rate of nearly 100,000 of subscribers per week.

Two years after creating a YouTube channel, in 2015, Nash paused his Internet career to focus on his acting career. “Janoskains: Untold and Untrue” was the first movie he took part in. After that, engagements were coming along the way.

The same year he got a voice-over role in the movie “Air Bound,” but the biggest acting accomplishment was starring in the film “The Outfield,” which he worked together with his friend and YouTuber Cameron Dallas.

From 2016 starts his path in TV series and shows. Grier got the role of “Ryder” in television series “The Deleted,” and later he took part in show “High School Cupid, a Cupid Inc.” as well as “The story” which is still running.

Did you know that Nash directed a video for the song “I Look Good On You” from Bera? Yes, this is a very talented guy, but his talents aren’t depleted at this point. Together with his brother Hayes and friend Cameron Dallas, also YouTubers, Nash launched his clothing line called, “UnitedXXVI.” He is working very hard on designing his brand.

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Internet Popularity

Besides 12.6 million fans on Vine and almost five million, subscribers on YouTube, 22 years old Nash Grier is unbelievably popular on social media platforms, too. He has more than 10 million followers on Instagram and around 5 million on Twitter. Though, these numbers are continually increasing, so his popularity will be even greater.

Nash also has several of his phone apps: Challenged, Cash Dash, Mobli, and Nash Grier. His Nash Grier app gained 6.3 million views in the first week of its launch.

Nash Grier Net Worth 2024

If you ever wondered how much money he earns, it is estimated that his net worth is $3 million. On every 1000 views, YouTubers get from $2 to $5. Taking all things into considerations, Nash Grier may earn at least $180 daily on YouTube, which comes too $477,000 per year.

Plus, he gets between $25,000 and $100,000 whenever he promotes products in his Vine clips.

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Love Life

Nash started dating Taylor Giavis back in 2015. They engaged recently in 2019, and he posted on YouTube the whole process of preparing the proposal with her answering “I do” and the after. They are also expecting a baby boy.

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