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9 Myths That First-Time Golfers May Come Across

Many features make Golf a unique and interesting sport. We can notice that both younger and older generations are enjoying this sort of activity. A lot of people find it quite relaxing, especially on those big fields where you can ride a golf cart from hole to hole. There are amazing golf terrains all over the world, and if you are near Ventura County, you should get more info about The Saticoy Club.

Moreover, if you don’t have previous experience of playing golf, you should learn more about this interesting sport. The best way is to check online tutorials and samples where you can learn the basics. Also, getting a course is an excellent solution to learn how to play golf in practice. After you get some basic skills, you can join the golf club, where you can meet other people interested in this sport. One of the main benefits is that you can make some great connections and new friends along the way.

Moreover, it is a great chance to travel more. You can organize trips with other golfers to visit terrains across the country or some other states as well. It is great for older people since it doesn’t require so many physical abilities. On the other hand, you will hear a lot of myths related to this sport, and you should not get too surprised if you hear some surprising fact. Still, most of them are not true, are we are going to introduce you to some of the most common myths related to golf.

1. Practice On the Field

The common misconception is that people are not allowed to practice their shots during the game to avoid disturbing the players during their rounds. However, there are separate areas where competitors can practice all the time and stay in from before their round. Still, you should avoid long-distance shots and areas near competitors who are currently in their rounds.

Source: Rules

2. Variety of Golf Balls

Another popular belief that is wrong is that there is a determined model of ball that players must use throughout their official rounds. On the other side, some events might include this option, but it will be clearly stated before the match begins. Also, it is common for professional tournaments to determine the same model for each player, and avoid potential advantages of some competitors.

3. Determining The Spot

It is common for large terrains to have balls some balls remained from previous sessions. However, that might lead players into disagreements in case that one player claim that the ball ended in the particular spot, while the other player disagrees. Therefore, we have a rule where the player can use the one with the same number and brand after finding it, but only in the area where it probably ended.

Source: Golf Digest

4. Following the Results

During the session, you will have to mark your scores on paper and compare that with other players to determine the winner. The paper is valid as long as you mark the correct results of each hole on it. Even if you make a mistake with the final score, the paper will remain valid, unlike the common misconception that you could be disqualified.

5. Challenging Spots

There are strict rules when it comes to playing the ball at challenging spots. For example, if your ball ends up in the bushes or a tree is on your way, the rules can be much different. When it comes to bushes, you must play the ball without moving it or moving the branches as well. However, you can get assistance from someone else who can hold the branch while you are playing. If there is a tree in front of the ball, you can move it at a distance of your club, but only in the spot where it won’t be closer to the hole. It is important to follow these rules since making a mistake will lead to penalties.

Source: Beatrice Lorenz

6. Lost Ball

Many people think that it is simple to declare that a player can ask for a new ball and a new starting spot. However, the rules are strict and you should learn more about them to avoid negative strikes. In that matter, if you cannot find the ball, there is a limited time of searching, and you can get a new one only if no one finds it during that time. A lot of players might try to play around with this rule and use it to their advantage.

7. Scorecard Rules

We have already mentioned that your card can still be valid if you make some small mistake, like the wrong calculation of the final result. However, you will need to mark down the correct numbers. Any mistake should be corrected and be clear. If you mark down the wrong results, and it is not clear what you corrected, the paper could be invalid.

Source: Ft. Rucker – Army MWR

8. Repeating the First Strike

There is a rule where a player might want to ask for another first shot in case that he thinks that the first ball is lost. However, the ball cannot be in an area where you could face a penalty. Also, you have to be sure that you want another round. This is not a mandatory rule, but only an additional option.

9. Determine the Model of Ball

Unless you are playing in a professional tournament, you can choose any model and brand. However, it is very important to all players agree in advance about their selection of models to avoid disagreements during the game. This is only the advice since there is not an official rule that states this, but it can help players to play without being suspicious to their opponents.

Source: luganoregion

The Bottom Line

Beginners need to learn the basics and these common myths to avoid people with more experience having an advantage over them. Also, it will be easier to progress and improve your skills during official events and avoid conflicts with people who might have some disagreements about certain rules.