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Molly Grantham Net Worth 2024

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Molly Grantham is an extraordinary journalist who dedicated her life to journalism and thanks to hard work, and she earned fame and wealth through her career. She got two Emmy Awards and became a respected name in American journalism. Also, Molly investigated different topics and had success in investigative journalism. Grantham is involved in a lot of charity work, and she pays special attention to cancer patients.

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Early Life

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Molly Grantham was born on the 11th of May in Mackinac Island, Michigan. Her parents are Joseph Michael Grantham and Wilsie Moss Hartman, and she has three brothers. Sadly, Molly has struggled with cancer in her family as her father, grandfather, and great-grandmother died from the disease. Also, her mother struggled with cancer two times, but luckily she won the fight.

Moly finished McCaskey High Scholl and later on she graduated from the University of North Carolina when she earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Professional Career

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After she finished college, Molly took an internship at the Australian Broadcast Corporation in Sidney. Later on, she worked as a part-time job for WTVD-TV in Raleigh-Durham. However, Molly wanted something better, so Grantham made VHS tapes of her reporting job and sent them to over 70 stations. Luckily, WLEX-TV watched her video and hired her, so she stayed at the station for more than three years.

Later on, Molly wanted an even more significant challenge, so she continued to send tapes of her work and found a job in WBTV News in Charlotte. Until now, Grantham is still working at the station, and she got a lot of great stories to cover. Her fantastic work brought her 9 Emmy nominations from which she won two.

Besides her fantastic job in journalism, she is also known for her charity work. Molly is engaged in a lot of charity organizations such as the Sach Ramsey Children’s Cancer Fund and March Forth With Hope Foundation.

The journalist also has a site named CorkPorkGifts.com.

Personal Life

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Molly is in a fulfilling marriage with Wes Hyland. The couple got married on 17th of June, 20017 in North Carolina. Ever since, they are living in a happy union with their two kids, a daughter Parker and a son Hutch.

Molly Grantham Net Worth 2024

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Molly works already twelve years for the successful TV station WBTV, and it’s a sure thing that she earns a lot of money.

Her estimated net worth is $2 million.