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Model Of The Moment Stephanie Elyse Interview

Read today’s model of the moment Stephanie Elyse’s interview with IndosPlace inside.

As an aspiring model what do you find the biggest issues to be with urban glamour as a genre?

As an aspiring model what do you find the biggest issues to be with urban glamour as a genre?
I don’t like to pigeon-hole myself into the urban glamour category. I feel that because of my body I’m lumped in there, and also expected to do certain types of shoots, which I haven’t really done. I think as a genre, urban glamour is lacking in substance. Where is the story? Where is the craft? A lot of these girls out here think bending over and answering interview questions about their favorite se*ual positions will get them any type of respect or credibility. A lot of these girls work for free. None of that is impressive or ambitious or classy to me. There is definitely a lack of opportunities for models with the typical “vixen” body type, so that comes into play as well. But basically, you have to hustle harder, and you have to market yourself differently. There’s a million girls out here trying to do it; I’m trying be smart and strategic about doing it. I want to be taken seriously. That’s the challenge within the genre.

What is your ultimate goal with modeling, e.g., where would like to be with this in three years?

For now, modeling has been a fun side hustle; you get to be creative and artistic, receive great pictures, meet dope people, and do something that’s not so cerebral. Personally, I’d love to do more print campaigns for different streetwear, lifestyle, and lingerie brands; and I’d LOVE to do some beauty campaigns as well. I’d also like to use modeling as a platform and leverage it to do bigger things, like hosting shows and charity events, or doing collaborative campaigns with companies that promote social good (along the lines of brands like MAC Viva Glam or Warby Parker). But I also have a degree, so I’m not really banking on modeling alone. It would be amazing if it really picked up, but I want to do things that have true impact as well.

What are your favorite qualities in a man and what can someone do to win your attention (a lad magazine classic lol)?

Intelligence is the number one thing I look for in a man. I hate having to dumb myself down at all. I love articulate men, because I have a pretty huge vocabulary! Also, if you’re a man who understands feminism and isn’t threatened by it, that’s a huge turn-on. Honesty is another quality that is super important to me, because at the end of the day, all you have is trust, and you want to be sure you’re with someone who is accountable. In terms of looks, I’m usually attracted to very tall guys, which is a little weird since I’m only 5’2! I love muscles, I love the athletic football player body. Mmm haha. Ambition ALWAYS gets my attention; there’s nothing like being with someone who knows where he’s going and wants to do big things with his life. Other than that, just come correct, be respectful and genuine. I’m pretty good at spotting bullSh*t and have no tolerance for it, so I usually dead dudes with no hesitation if they approach me incorrectly!

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