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Common Misconceptions People Have About Weighted Blankets

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Weighted blankets have their own sets of benefits that many people are aware of. They are great with people with social disorders, development problems or sensory issues. Blankets also function as helpers to keep an individual focus in a situation with a high level of stimulus.

But even though it is extremely helpful and has a number of advantages for anyone who uses them, there are many misconceptions related to it. There are many issues related to how people perceive a weighted blanket and its related applications. In this article, we will share common misconceptions that people should not have about the use of weighted blankets.

They Are Only For Autistic People

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It is the biggest misconception that makes people not buy a weighted blanket which can help them to a great degree. They are largely related to autism because of the sensory overload issues and how much it can help with it. In recent years the public awareness about autism has increased which has also made people aware of the uses of weighted blankets.

More than 3.5 million residents are somewhere on the autism spectrum. Because this is a big number, things that can help such individuals have also become commonplace. But just because something has been proven to help majestic people does not mean anyone else cannot use it. They are also great for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory processing disorder, and adults with any kind of anxiety.

They Will Make You Feel Too Hot

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Anyone who imagines being under a blanket in the summer gets highly uncomfortable. But we have to understand that a weighted blanket is very different from any normal blanket meant to provide heat. The former is made with the sole purpose of putting some extra pressure on the body.

The latter is meant to protect the skin from cold and preserve body heat. One cannot replace the other as both have widely different applications. Coverlets made for summers and winters are different depending on their prospective use. As a winter comforter, the best approach might be to first put a weighted blanket and then cover it with a normal comforter.

If you think that the heat preserved under the weighted blanket will be too much to bear, it is highly dependent on personal preference. More often than not, it will not be uncomfortable if your AC unit is working properly.

If you get too hot too soon you might want to consider turning the temperature down in summers. While a weighted blanket is not meant to keep you warm, you should understand that any covering over the body will preserve body heat to some extent.

The More The Weight, The Better

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This is a misconception any medical professional would tell you to get rid of. Usually, the myth associated with the weight is that the blanket should be at least 10% of the total body weight of an individual. This can mean a very heavy blanket which can lead to discomfort rather than feelings of calmness.

But this misconception is easy to debunk especially with mass-produced products. They are usually manufactured with large squares with shifting sand glass filled inside of them. The weighted blanket comes with specific weights that help with the concentrated pressure in different places.

The production process is very precise and it is only a given number of ounces per square inch allowed for different individuals. The weight is equally distributed across the blanket so that no one area becomes too heavy to bear. The standardised weight helps with a gentler contact with the skin which calms the nerves and releases endorphins.

So if one thing that investing in a heavy blanket is the same as going for a weighted blanket, they are wrong. Having unequal pressure on different body parts does not work as well as Deep Touch Pressure. It helps in relaxing while any other alternative might not be as effective. Make sure to click here to know more about sensory blankets and just how much of a help they can be in difficult moments.

Only Kids Will Get Help From It

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There is no age group which will benefit the most from this product. Children are obviously most acceptable to drastic sensory changes and hands me react more visibly. In such a case, it is normal for them to expect some additional help from their parents or guardians. One of the ways in which one can get help is through the extra pressure of a weighted blanket.

But just because children are benefiting from it, does not mean that it is specifically meant for them. There are many varieties of this product available in the market and all of them target sincere issues in a different way. The sizes, the weight, and the design may vary depending on who the product is meant for.

The main purpose for making a purchase is getting some pressure to relieve the upset nerves and releasing endorphins. And there is no age group which will not benefit from a healthy flow of endorphins.

They Will Be Restraining

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No one wants to be under a heavy burden at any given period of time. Even if something is meant to help, it can lead to high levels of discomfort for anyone who has had a previous traumatic experience. If one buys a cover with too much of weight, it can be very restraining for an individual.

If it restricts movement completely, it can be a restraint because one would not be able to move at all. It should be a choice to put oneself under some pressure but getting out of it should be a choice too. That is why the right type of purchase is essential.

The Takeaway

The misconceptions mentioned above can be avoided by choosing the right product. There are many weights available to choose from if one suffers from sensory issues or social anxiety.