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3 Common Electrical Problems You Can Easily Repair on Your Own

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Living in a home means that there are chances that you might run into an Electrical problem once in a while. Although not very common, an electrical problem can be difficult to deal with and should not be ignored as it can sometimes lead to more problems in the future if left unattended.

In instances of major electrical problems, like faults in the wiring and other similar it is important to call a professional like the McCauley Electrical Services to look into the issue and resolve it. But there are also some minor issues that can occur in the electric framework which can be solved and prepared without any professional help. Knowing about how to deal with such minor issues can help one in not only saving time but also money. Below is a comprehensive list of 3 common electrical problems that you can easily repair on your own.

1. Power surge

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A power surge occurs when more electrical power is used than it is supplied. It usually occurs when more devices are plugged in than the amount of power supply provided. Heavy power consuming items can include appliances like an air conditioner, a hair dryer, or a heater. Simultaneous use of such appliances may eventually lead to the fuse cutting down the power supply. Although such sudden power cuts can be a cause for concern, such a power surge is easily fixable.

The first step to fix this is to unplug some of the devices that consume the highest amount of electricity. Next, turn off the circuit breakers and turn them on again after a while. While turning on the circuit breakers make sure that you turn on the main switch at the last. Sometimes instead of the circuit breakers going off, the fuse might be blown. In such a case one should carefully replace a blown fuse with a new one without touching the metal parts of the said fuse. Following these steps should allow the power to function well. If the electricity still hasn’t returned it is good to call an electrician to have a look.

2. Light switches not working

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Another common issue that one can face is a faulty light switch. In such a case a light switch might need a change. But before doing that one needs to ensure that it is actually the light switch which is faulty. There are a few ways in which one can confirm that a light switch is faulty. Firstly when the light stops working, you can try to replace it with a different bulb, even then if the light does not turn on one can have a look at the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker switch is in its usual position then it might actually be the light switch that is at fault.

To resolve this firstly turn off the main switch of the power supply. This is an important step to prevent electrocution. Secondly, use a

Screwdriver to take out the switch from the switch board. Also make sure to take a picture or notice of which wire is connected to which terminal in the switch. This will be of help when you install a new switch. After this use a smaller screwdriver to unscrew the wires from the terminals in the faulty switch.

Now replace the faulty switch with a newer one by placing the wires in the same specific terminals as before and screwing them on properly. Then screw on the new switch to the switchboard. Turn on the main power supply and the switch should work now.

3. Electric fan not working

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There can be times when an electric fan like a table fan does not work. This can be due to an issue in the motor or the lubrication of the fan. In case it is the motor of the fan that is not functional then it is advisable to replace the whole fan rather than buying the new motor as there is not much cost difference between the two. Whereas if the fan only stops working due to the lack of lubrication in the parts then it can be easily repaired at home itself.

To do this one must first unscrew the fan and take out the blades. Try rotating the pin of the fan using your hands, if it is refusing the rotation then the pin might be in need of lubrication. To do this, apply lubricating oil in the front and back of the pin but make sure that the oil does not drop into the motor. Make sure to lubricate the bolt that goes around the pin as well for easy and smooth movement. Next you can try to clean the fan vent using compressed airand wipe away the dust from the motor using a soft cloth. Reassemble the fan and it might work again.


Above mentioned are three very common things that can happen with relation to electrical problems and problem with electrical appliances in general. There are easy and simple ways to deal with such problems and resolve the issue by doing some minor repairs or following some steps. Knowing about these ways to deal with such issues can help in saving up on money spent on electricians.

But it is also important to know that if there is some significant issue or simple repairs are not enough, then contacting an experienced electrician is the safest bet. In the overall sense too electrical problems should not be ignored as they can lead to much worse consequences. Even after you have made a repair yourself, you can still call up an electrician to ensure that there are no other underlying issues present. This can help in preventing serious damage caused due to electrical fires.