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Matt Leinart Net Worth 2024

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Matt Leinart is an American football player and TV analyst. Today he works as an analyst for Fox Sports, as he recently retired as a footballer. He lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Early life and career

Matt was born as Matthew Stephen Leinart on May 11th in 1983 in Santa Ana, California. He comes from American parents, and he spends his childhood in Santa Ana, where he discovered his passion for sports and football in particular. Soon after his talent got noticed, he started with the junior league, and after he joined the team for the University of Southern California (USC), where he studied.

After winning the national championships in 2003, one of the football managers noticed Matt and his talent. Only one year later, Matt won the Heisman trophy. As follows, managers started to approach him with the proposals of potential new contracts and switching to another team.

As a result, Matt started his career as a professional football player, firstly with Cardinals in 2006, with whom he was 10th pick in the same year’s NFL draft. Later, Matt joined Texans with whom he played from 2010 until 2011, then Raiders in 2012 and Buffalo Bills in 2013.

Today’s he is best known for his efforts as a quarterback in NFL altogether with Arizona Cardinals, Huston Texans, Oakland Raiders, and Buffalo Bills, which are all quite famous and robust teams, and it only gives impressive remarks to Matt’s professional career.

Moreover, Matt was one of the top picks for the 2006 NFL Draft, and that was a huge success, considering that he is a left-handed thrower with a weak arm. However, Matt decided to retire, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to break his record anymore, and that’s why we can see him today how he analyzes situation in the field instead of being in one. Apart from working on Fox Sports, Matt also worked for Pac – 12 networks, and he is also a recurring guest on the Barstool Sports.

Source: Us Weekly

Personal life and social media

Matt holds a reputation of a womanizer, and he uses his excellent look and success to be in a company of ladies and attending parties and glamorous events. However, we can’t criticize him for doing so, as every young and handsome man would do the same in his place. Therefore, today, Matt enjoys his single life, and he doesn’t have any formal relationship whatsoever.

Moreover, don’t let delusions with Matt’s single life. He was involved in a close relationship with famous USC basketball player Brynn Cameron, and the two have a son named Cole. However, the couple broke up even before Cole was born, but Matt admitted the parenthood, and he is allowed to visit his son, as they now share custody over him.

Moreover, Matt is not a massive fan of social media, and if you decide to follow him on any of social media profiles, you will not find much, as he doesn’t share his private life with fans in public. However, you can find interesting facts about him if you listen to one of his shows or watch his interviews in some of the sports channels.

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Matt Leinart Net Worth 2024

It is not that hard to figure that Matt has made a lot of money during his professional career. However, the real question is how much money we are talking about exactly?

At the beginning of his career, Matt was making average money. However, it changed with his contract with Cardinals, where he signed a six-year deal worth $51 million. After that, success followed him, and today Matt’s net worth is estimated to be around $16 million, and he makes approximately $2 million annually by working as a sports analyst.