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How to Make Money with Esports

Esports is quickly becoming a multimillion-pound industry. Global brands are also appreciating that esports players provide the perfect audience for their merchandise and are therefore willing to sponsor millions of dollars. The rise of the industry is undeniable, but it can appear to be a bit of a maze for those of us that do not completely understand the industry or how to get involved. So, how do you make money in this industry? Let’s find out.

Win the Prizes of Course!

The first option is the age-old way of making money, and that is by winning the prize. If you become top of your game, you can get paid to play video games with sites like UNIKRN, where you can also learn anything about the latest in eSports, including the current fixtures, latest results, the odds available and much more on any esporting event. To know more about how esports laws are evolving you can check this guide from Gammalaw.com.

Some prizes are hundreds and thousands of dollars, and some team games can even make millions of dollars in prize money. Even participation can earn you a fair yearly wage in just one tournament. Some teams will also offer pension plans and health insurance as incentives to work with them as opposed to other teams.

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Social Media and Marketing

Then of course, as with any new industry, some people make money from those making money. This can be things like streaming exciting games and charging a fee. Social media users can spread the word on eSports and earn up to $25,000.00 a year. Broadcasters can earn up to $1000 per game, being paid for their knowledge of the game itself. There are even coaches and managers just like in any other sport and they can earn salaries of up to $80,000 a year. Some will put the events in newspapers, books, or magazines and they can make up to $35,000 a year just watching and documenting what they love.

Some will try and market products to the gamers and their fans. This can bring them a salary of up to $90,000 depending on how successful they are at selling. You only need something to become the next cool thing and all the eSport fans will want to be seen in it. Those who set up the games can make up to $40,000 from hosting tournaments. The teams are also paid media rights by the media teams that want to showcase their work.

There are also ticket and merchandise fees, and the list goes on. There are now many multi-millionaires under the age of 30 who have made it big in the Esports world.

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How Do You Become the Next Big Thing?

Is it just as simple as playing games all day and becoming the best? You must have a game plan, pardon the pun, and stick to it. This is probably going to mean you must stick to one game and play it continuously. Some gamers have very little sleep, but this is not something we would recommend! You will not be on top of your game if you are tired and weary.

You’ll want to train against live competitors on a platform, as this will also increase your reputation as you start to do well and beat other great players from all over the world. Loosing and struggling often teaches a lot more about something than always finding it easy. By studying tactics and seeing other people’s shortfalls, you can make your game stronger for the future. Esports is a massive industry where contacts are important. The best way to become part of that industry is to immerse yourself in it. Join a community, become part of a team, become a team player, and a likable character.

Joining a community and becoming a part of a team would be the right choice to open up doors there are so many examples of groups that have found success by being a charismatic team. Being a part of team and going through an experience together may be the best way to try and become the next best thing. Everyone working to achieve the same goals and if you work at it together you may be able to make it together meaning you always have a support system around you.

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Enter Tournaments to Find Sponsors

When you have got to a good, but not great, stage you could start entering tournaments. This will allow you to compare yourself to the benchmark. Seeing and playing against the great players will also give you encouragement and ideas of how you can up your game. You will also determine if you really have what it takes to be a professional in the eSports world. If you are and you can win, then the next thing you will want to do is get the right sponsorship deal. Sponsorship money is where you will also hit the big bucks. The sponsorship of eSports is almost 500 million dollars.

You will be noticed as you start to win and will be approached by sponsors. They will be able to provide you with what you need to up your game. Do not be afraid to ask for financial assistance in terms of equipment or travel expenses. This will also help to get you up to the next level.

If you are going to enter this world, you must be very hardworking and resilient. Be prepared to have many moments when you seriously dislike something that you once loved. When we turn enjoyment into our career choice, it can come with a small price. However, think of the millions of dollars you could make and what alternative jobs you could be doing. This will help keep it all in perspective. It is also important to remember that change does not always come over night but persistence is key and if you follow the tips we’ve listed above, you are on your way to making a good impression and potentially enjoying the success that comes with the world of eSports.