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Lud Foe Net Worth 2024

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Lud Foe is a Chicago rapper best known for his malefactor and drill rap songs, who gained recognition after his two songs dropped out in 2016, titled Cuttin Up and I’m DA Man. If you want to more about this talented rapper, who is also a co-runner of a YouTube channel called Elevator, and what is his current net worth than keep on scrolling.


James Akins is his real name. James Akins or Lud Foe’s zodiac sign is Cancer, as he was born on July 15, 1996. He was born in Chicago, which is located in one of the United States of America territories called Illinois. Lud Foe spends his childhood there, and some of the older kids in his neighborhood nicknamed him Shawty Foe. Lud Foe, or Shawty Foe during his early life, was living in a dangerous part of Chicago, and he had to get used to carrying a gun with him at all times. When he was a teenager, he was in danger many times, and he even got shot. Luckily, he survived, but he had constant trouble with the police.

When he was in high school, Lud Foe didn’t get on well with his fellow classmates, as well as the teachers of the school. He often ended up in fights, and even the principal didn’t get good treatment from Foe. As a consequence, he spent a year in juvenile.

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Lud Foe’s luck started to appear, and in 2015 his older brother convinced him to try making rap music. His brother came to that idea after he witnessed Lud Foe’s huge interest in music, and after he saw that Lud was making music on his own, he was more than convinced that Lud should try himself out in the music world. Many of the influenced to young Lud Foe were Gucci Mane, Project Pat, Master P, N.W.A., Ice Cube, and 3 half-dozen Mafia. During one visit to a tattoo parlor, Lud Foe encountered KidWond3r, and he told him the story of how he used to make music while he spent time in juvenile. KidWond3r and Lud Foe joined forces, and they created Lud Foe’s first official song.

The two worked together on most of Foe’s songs. The Chicago rapper would search and find some instrumental music on YouTube, and then he would go on to create a rap that he thought would perfectly fit with the instrumental. In 2012, Lud Foe started to record his first song, and in 2015 Cuttin Up appeared. The song has around 31 million views so far, as of 2019, and he created it with the help of Kid Wond3r. In 2016 Boochie Gang, a mixtape was published. 2017 was bad for Lud Foe, as he found himself in a car crash, which left him with a broken jaw, broken wrists and numerous fractures amongst other minor injuries. Fortunately, the rapper recovered.

Lud Foe created many big hits, and his most prominent songs include I’m DA Man, In and Out, What’s The Problem, and many others. He collaborated with many big names in the rap music industry, as well as the music industry as a whole. Those collaborations include PnB Rock, Lil Breeze, Jeremih, and Probability the Rapper.

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Personal life

As we mentioned before, James Akins, as known as Lud Foe, or Shawty Foe during his early life, is currently 23 years old. When he ended up in juvenile when he was caught up fighting, even though he had no intentions of doing so. In reality, the other student was the one who punched young Foe, but the principal and other school members were on the other student’s side, and they decided to let Lud Foe go to juvenile. The Chicago rapper never intended to go back. Instead, his mind was set on his music career, as his older brother convinced him to try it out, as everything was better than living on the dangerous streets of the dangerous Chicago neighborhood.

Lud Foe is a father, as he has a child that was born on March 2018, and he shared the happy news on his social media accounts. The child’s name is Zayden, and he is a baby boy, and he even has a son in his honor that his father Lud Foe created. Ever since his girlfriend made some accusations toward Lud Foe, stating that he showed some aggressive behavior, and after Foe spent a night in jail after their argument, Foe has tried to keep his private and personal affairs as private as he can.

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Lud Foe Net Worth 2024

The drill rapper’s estimated net worth as of 2024 is around $1 million, but considering that he is only 23 years old and that he most likely doesn’t have any intentions to stop with his career, his net worth can only significantly increase from this moment forward.