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6 Tips And Tricks for Losing Weight During The Lockdown – 2024 Guide

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In this period when we are all stuck in our homes due to the pandemic, in addition to worrying about getting infected with the virus, many of us also worry about the extra pounds that will follow after so many hours spent in front of the screen or on the sofa. Can you even count all your friends that complained at least once about the fact that they gained weight during quarantine because staying between four walls didn’t benefit their body? Surely a lot of them.

When you look back at the past few months, all you see is yourself and you, lying wrapped in a blanket, binge-watching your favorite movies and series with a bunch of comfort food around. In most people’s cases, this scenario means no physical activity except going to the store from time to time, replacing water with coffee and juices, and going to bed late but waking up early.  Well, it’s time for some change.

Making a change means doing something good for your body. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t afford a choco bar or two from time to time if you know it’ll provide you with a daily dose of happiness – you just shouldn’t overdo it.

There are several ways to lose weight during the quarantine – and all you need to do is send those bad habits you aren’t proud of away. This is why we leave you with a few handy tips and tricks to help you win this self-battle!

1. Eliminate sweets and snacks from your diet

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You’ve certainly bought all the groceries you need so that you don’t have to leave the house unless you have to during these difficult times. Among all those foods, there are probably a few bags of crisps and sweets. Well, it’s perfectly fine to consume them occasionally, but it wouldn’t be good to turn them into your daily habit from which you’ll find it difficult to escape later.

In addition to the fact that the daily consumption of these foods is harmful to our body, they are also one of the main causes of weight gain. So, if you’re thinking about the possible ways to start the weight loss process during the lockdown, getting rid of snacks and sweets is the first step you need to take.

2. Drink plenty of water

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Regular hydration is necessary for the weight loss process. Some people usually forget to drink at least one glass of water during the day, while others drink it in minimal quantities or replace it with juices. The number of people who are properly hydrated is very small. Would you tell you to belong to one of the above-mentioned groups? Yes? Here’s the news – that might be one of the main reasons why you have difficulties losing the accumulated kilograms.

When you realize you are forgetting to drink water during the day, while working or chilling at home, try to remind yourself by filling a few bottles in the morning and making sure you drink them by evening. To make it tastier, add a few drops of lemon juice and mint leaves – believe us, you’ll reach for the bottle more often than you expect. And well, when you notice the results, you’ll be grateful to yourself.

3. Forget about fast food delivery

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Now that most cafes, restaurants and shopping malls are closed, you won’t have many reasons to waste money on this and that. Excess money will further result in laziness when it comes to cooking and in no time you’ll find yourself dialing numbers, clicking, and choosing menus. ”This is life”!, you‘ll think, as you lie surrounded by pizzas, burgers and soda, as your body proportions increase day by day.

There’s no need to emphasize the harmfulness of fast food – there’s nothing you don’t already know about that topic. You’re also aware that it’s the main cause of excess weight and that if you want to move forward, you’ll have to find a way to get rid of its addictive taste. As you probably have some spare time, try to enjoy cooking, learn new healthy recipes and simply delight yourself and your family with innovative yummy, but fit treats.

4. Do home exercises

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Let’s suppose you have to do your work from home now when everything is closed. It might sound cool at the beginning, but once you start sinking into the routine, you may go crazy with nervousness. When your house is your office, living space and coffee bar at the same time, you don’t have the possibility of going out or traveling, which further implies a constant sitting and lying position that you have embraced, without any intentions to change it.

When you don’t do any physical exercise, you can’t burn the calories you ingested during the day, which makes you gain more and more weight, which is why it’s necessary to work out every day. Take a look at a few fitness tutorials here and there and choose some exercises that suit your body. Any exercise bikes or treadmills around? Great – use them too! Replace the weights with bottles filled with sand and there you go – you got some great pieces of home exercise equipment.

5. Ensure healthy sleep

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It may be hard for you to believe, but healthy sleep plays one of the most significant roles in losing weight. Bad sleeping habits will primarily affect your physical appearance as you’ll start waking up with dark circles around your eyes and your skin will suffer. This leads to biorhythm and body function disruption that might make becoming fit an even bigger challenge.

Healthy sleep means going to bed at the time provided for that instead of saying nighty night at three or five o’clock in the morning. Also, the inflow of fresh air will contribute to a better rest during the night, as well as complete darkness in the room, which, in case you don’t have blinds, can be compensated with an eye mask.

6. Try diet pills

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Another alternative that you can try in case you realize that a healthy diet doesn’t help much and that the weight loss process is barely noticeable, are diet pills. They’ll significantly speed up the process while requiring a little less sacrifice.

Diet pill manufacturers have overflowed the market, so it’s quite fundamental to think wisely about the best places where you can buy them. According to an article from health-info.org, you also need to check whether the pills you are considering were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Gaining a few extra pounds during the lockdown doesn’t have to be your choice – with these tips, you can help yourself stay fit and get rid of a bunch of calories you intake on a daily basis. Not only you can stay healthy in these difficult times, but you can also keep looking great or become even more satisfied with your physical appearance.