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Lilia Buckingham Net Worth 2024

Lilia Buckingham is a model, competitive dancer, YouTuber, and actress. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 9, 2003. Lilia is best known for appearing in many competitive dance shows, including MNR Dance Factory. She also starred in Kendall Vertes’s music video called Where Would I Be Without You? Lilia has had a successful dancing career since 2013.

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Early Life

Lilia Buckingham’s father is an author, motivational speaker, and business consultant, Marcus Buckingham. Lilia’s mother Jane is a businesswoman and an author, as well. Lilia has a brother named Jack. She became interested in performance arts at an early age. Lilia’s mother introduced her to several of the children from the show Dance Moms. After that, she started working towards the career she has now. Lilia is still attending high school, but the name of it is still unknown.

Career and Fame

Lillia’s mother Jane said once in an article that her daughter gained attention in the media because of the friendship with a few of the participants on the TV show called Dance Moms. These people started posting pictures with Lilia to their social media accounts. Because of that, there were rumors that Lilia will join Dance Moms TV show, but that was later proven to be false. Many people on social media started asking Lilia questions over Instagram, and she even had a stalker. This was too much for her, so she took a long break from social media.

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With time, Lilia started being more comfortable with all the attention she is getting, and she appeared on TV for the first time. She was a model in Good Morning America in 2010. A couple of years after that, Lilia appeared on the TV series called Modern Family. The year after that, Lilia appeared again on Good Morning America.

Lilia was named Regional Junior Rainbow Rising Starz Dancer of the Year in 2013. She played herself in an episode of a TV show called JoJo’s Juice, in 2016. After that, Lilia has played eight different characters until now. Her most famous role was in Dirt.

Private Life

In 2018, Lilia confirmed on her Twitter account that she is dating actor Jaeden Lieberher. However, they seemed to have broken up several months later. Lilia deleted all of their pictures on her social media, and she revealed to her fans that they had broken up. After that, Lilia has not been dating anyone, according to rumors.

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YouTube Channel

Lilia has a YouTube channel on which she posts vlogs and interacts with fans. The most popular video she has posted is named “dance through the years,” and it has around 100 000 views. The total number of views on her videos is almost 800 000.

Lilia’s Mother

Lilia’s mother is Jane Rinzler Buckingham and is very famous. She has published a book series which consists of three books. They are called “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life,” “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Motherhood,” and “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations.” Jane has appeared in many talk shows about politics, business, as well as fashion. She was also a contributor to The Huffington Post and Glamour. In 2019, Jane was arrested because of the alleged bribery regarding the initiation of college admissions. Her goal is to use a bribe so that her son can get into a college. Jane donated 50 000 dollars because she wanted the Key Worldwide Foundation college to help forge her son’s ACT scores. Her trial hasn’t been concluded yet.

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Lilia Buckingham Net Worth 2024

As of early 2024, there have been sources that report about Lilia Buckingham’s net worth. It is estimated to be around 450 000 dollars. It is also reported that Lilia is earning 35 000 dollars per year, working as a dancer. She earned her wealth by doing performances in front of the camera, as well as on stage. Lilia appeared in many shows, movies, and dance shows. The most popular show that Lilia has worked for is called Dirt. We do not doubt that her net worth will increase significantly, because so far, Lilia has been incredibly successful.

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Social Media

Lilia Buckingham is very active on her social media accounts, where she often engages in conversation with her fans. Even though Lilia’s Facebook profile is private, she has more than 30 000 followers on Twitter, and over 1.5 million people follow her on Instagram. Lilia’s YouTube channel has gained 55 000 subscribers so far.