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6 Lighting & Decorating Tips for Your ATL Apartment

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Decorating in a city like Atlanta can be tough. Style is constantly on everyone’s minds, but space is also at an absolute premium, which really limits your creativity. Surely we’ll have to make sacrifices then, right? No one can have a small apartment which is both livable and gorgeous, can they? Actually, you can! With some careful planning and decorating, you can make your tiny ATL apartment feel like home and look fantastic too.

1. Create clear separation between your living and work areas

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When most people are dealing with decorating and making a small apartment as livable as possible, the seemingly obvious direction to go is opening things up. After all, you’ve not got much space to work with, so why would you want to limit yourself in any way?

Well, the reason you may want to rethink this (especially with everyone spending more time at home than ever) is that melding everything together like this can be overwhelming to the eye. It makes things appear cluttered, and creates a lack of definition between spaces. Soon, it’s impossible for you to ever mentally shut off from work when your desk is constantly in your view.

As best you’re able, define separate areas in your apartment with clear, specific purposes. Place a thin room divider between your working space and your living room. Keep coat and shoe racks by the door, which will quickly create a clear sense of purpose for the area.

Still, don’t be afraid to meld function with design. If biking is a big part of who you are, and not just a necessity for getting around, hang a nice looking bike rack on a currently undecorated wall.

Also, if you are lucky enough and you have enough space to create your own entertainment center, we recommend you checking this article.

2. Use lighting which is attractive, functional, and adaptable

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Reduce the amount of lights currently cluttering your space by investing in fixtures which can be used for multiple purposes, while still looking great. Look into floor or table lamps with a small footprint and great design.

Pendant lights with adjustable hanging lengths will let you illuminate work or cooking spaces at just the right height, even if you have a particularly high (or low) ceiling. Attractive plug in options are available if you’re unable or unwilling to do a full install.

Major lighting and home decor retailers like Stylish Direct will have plenty of options in both these areas. Never underestimate the impact a nice looking lighting fixture can have on a room in terms both appearance and function.

3. Fill your home with furniture with a dual purpose

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You need to make every single inch count when decorating a tiny apartment, especially in a city like Atlanta where appearances matter. Make the most of your space by investing pieces of furniture for your home which serve multiple purposes. Don’t buy furniture and work around it, buy furniture that works for you.

Hollow ottomans make for both terrific storage and a comfy, stylish way to put your feet up after a long day or night out. Purchase a dining table with a leaf extension so you can expand your eating space for guests, but keep it small and compact for just yourself.

Also consider not just the amount of purposes a piece of furniture can serve, but also how it accomplishes it. We discussed how ottomans with interior storage are fantastic and versatile, but you’re not helping yourself if you go with a large, overstuffed version rather than a piece which is more compact.

4. Think vertical for your storage needs

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Go take a look at your favorite furniture retailer, particularly for things like dressers. Most options you’ll find will be horizontal, but this just takes up too much footprint which won’t work in a small apartment.

Refresh how you’ve come to think about storage by going vertical. Whether it’s for your clothes or dishes, look for options which will keep the footprint relatively small while still providing lots of usable space to store your things.

Even options like Murphy beds can be a big help in this area. They’ve had a bad reputation for decades, but modern technology has made them more comfortable than ever. Imagine just how much more room you would have to work with if your bed was out of the way when not in use!

5. Decorate with light and bright colors

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Choose a light color palette for your tiny apartment. Darker colors will make things feel more closed in, as they trick the eye into making spaces appear smaller. Lighter colors work better because they will give your cramped space a livelier, more fresh and open feel.

You can still mix in a little bit of dark, though, just do it carefully. Try picking two lightly colored pastels, then making small accents with one darker color. This will keep things visually interesting while leaving the room feeling spacious and airy.

Whichever way you go, pick a few colors and stick with them throughout your apartment (or at least go with a theme for each area). Too much color, regardless of whether it’s dark or light, will be overwhelming and make your apartment feel hectic, not relaxing.

6. Soften things with curved furniture and decor

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Most apartments, especially those on the smaller side, are shaped like slightly overgrown boxes. Furniture is not much different, so it’s no surprise that you’ll typically find nothing but hard, straight edges in most people’s places.

Create an interesting look for the eye by bringing some curves back. Instead of a square or rectangle dining table, look for a small round one. This will also serve the purpose of being easier to walk around when not in use.

Rather than a boring, utilitarian rectangle mirror, go with a cute, stylish rounded one. Add to both look and function by hitting thrift stores in search of a bookcase and reading chair with curved edges. You’re sure to love the look and you’ll give yourself a cozy spot to read or study.

Implement all these tips and you’ll soon have a place that feels larger and looks even better than before. Remember that smaller does not always have to mean foregoing things, you just have to get a bit more creative!