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Buying Furniture Online Vs In-Store

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Are you decorating your new home and looking for the perfect furniture for your living room or bedroom? You have seen a lot of beautiful, but rather pricey models in local shops, and you are distrustful of online stores? That’s right, everything has its advantages and disadvantages –  but you have to consider all of them in order to find out what would be the smartest thing to do. For a long time, users around the world didn’t dare to shop on online platforms, especially when it comes to a crucial element of our household. But as they begin to understand the benefits of this technological advancement, people begin to enjoy filling their virtual baskets from the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, many still prefer traditional stores for a good reason. Simply, nothing can convince them of the quality until they see the product live and touch it with their hands.

Both methods seem to be good and acceptable, but there are some additional factors you need to consider in order to decide whether ordering online is a better option for you or you should stick to seeking the best furniture stores in town. We don’t want to take sides here – read these arguments below and decide for yourself!

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1. Possibility of choice

When you want to choose the perfect piece of furniture for your living space, the variety of choices might simply overwhelm you to the point you simply don’t know where to look. The internet sales market has a large number of sellers in whose diverse product ranges you can certainly find something that aligns with your preferences. The options are unlimited in terms of design, colors, materials, wooden constructions, and styles. You will admit that this makes the choice much more difficult – so many lovely options out there!

On the other hand, local retailers offer unique models that you may not find online, or at any other point of sale. These are mostly pieces of captivating design that your guests will definitely be envious about. However, the choice is narrower than the one you can find on websites.

2. Delivery time

Don’t forget to consider the date of moving in or the date by which you would need a sofa or an armchair to be at your address. This might also affect the decision of where to make your purchase.

When you buy furniture in the city shops, it’s usually available immediately if they currently have it in the warehouse. That’s great, because the workers will deliver it to your address before you know it, leaving you to enjoy the evening on your new, super cosy couch.

But if you have more time for waiting and you don’t need an urgent delivery, and at the same time you want to save some cash, then you should start browsing the websites right away.

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3. The price

Consider your budget first when embarking on an investment like this. People who are employed and have a large income will be able to afford some more costly and unique pieces that they can get right in the store. No need to wait long for delivery only to be able to save a few dollars.

On the other hand, those whose budget is limited will find less pricey offers online. The fact is that you’ll wait longer for delivery but you might make significant savings so that you can continue to invest in some other things that you need afterward.

4. Discounts and promotions

Discounts are always welcome, even to customers who can afford luxury pieces. Despite the great competition that local sellers are struggling with, the amount of expenses they have is high. For that reason, they can’t afford frequent discounts and promotions if they want to make the desired profit at the end of the month.

Internet vendors perhaps have even more competition, but it’s easier for them to lower product prices more often and offer various discounts and promotions, given that the costs of trade are significantly lower. NYFO is a perfect example of such a business,  providing special offers to its customers and letting them pick the best pieces at an amazing price.

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5. Refund in case of dissatisfaction

Mistakes are always an option. You have to be prepared for any unexpected situation and insure yourself on time. In addition to the product, the seller must also offer you a warranty in the event of damage due to a manufacturing defect.

In most cases, local stores will represent their top quality. In case of damage, you will probably have to go through long procedures to get your money back.

The factor of an easier refund definitely goes more in favor of internet shopping. Once you express your dissatisfaction with the product, it will be easier for you to get your money back. This provides customers with greater security and a more comfortable feeling.

6. Quality

From the aspect of quality, we have to give a small advantage to traditional stores. First of all, because their high prices often confirm the quality. Also, the practice has shown that making a good choice is more probable when you have a chance to see the pieces and touch them with their hands before making a purchase. Stores leave the opportunity to talk to a seller or manufacturer who will tell you more about the production process face to face. This might make it easier for you to decide if the goods are of high quality.

Scams lurk everywhere, especially on the Internet. Therefore, when ordering, you must be careful and read reviews to know that the furniture you buy is well-manufactured and not a poorly produced copy that you’ll have to change really soon. Choose reliable and verified companies – only then can you get better quality at a lower price than in stores.

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7. Shopping convenience

When it comes to comfort, you can easily decide which option suits you best. Advanced technology and the 21st century have enabled us to do everything from the comfort of our home, without having to leave the house. All you need nowadays to make a purchase is a phone or computer and some cash on your credit card. Take the time you need to search, get well-informed about reliable manufacturers and you don’t have to waste time leaving the house.

However, there are also people for whom this isn’t a problem and who, for the sake of a better product and service, would rather go and see what they’re paying for. It all depends on what type of person you are.

There’s no doubt that both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you opt for one of them, think carefully about your needs, your budget, and all the other factors that can affect the final outcome of your decision – this way you will avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments