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Lexee Smith Net Worth 2024

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Lexee Smith is among the most popular young celebrities on social networks and she has managed to build a very successful dancing career not only due to her dancing skills but also due to the promotion of herself that she has on social media.

Personal life

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To begin with something trivial, we can mention that she is 1.57m tall and that her current weight is 50kg. It should be also added that her bodily measures are 32 x 24 x 33 inches. She was born on the 2nd March in Houston, TX, the USA. When her family is concerned, we should mention that she has two younger brothers but there is not any more information regarding their names and professions.

It should be also noted that she has spent her childhood in Houston and that she probably finished her primary education there. However, her family decided to move to LA so that she could pursue additional education and career there.


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She has always tried to enter into the world of dancing and to build her name there. She has always posted videos of her dancing skills and hoped to have her breakthrough, which she finally managed. More precisely, she succeeded to become a member of the group called LilBeasts.

It should be also noted that she is one of the most flexible younger dancers on the stage and that she also knows to follow the rhythm. Furthermore, she is not only a dancer. She is also getting into the world of modelling and building her career there as well. she hopes to get into acting as well one day.

Love life

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At this moment, we do not know whether she is dating someone or whether she is in a relationship.

Social media

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Since she is a young person and since modern technologies and social networks have marked the lives of young people, it is not a surprise at all that she is also very active in these. It should be noted that she has a YouTube channel that has 51K subscribers. This is not all since there are over 30K fans of her on Facebook. As far as Twitter is concerned, we should mention that she has 17K followers there. Her Instagram account is extremely popular and she has more than 5000K followers there. She uses social networks to show her skills but also to show a part of her life.

Lexee Smith Net Worth 2024

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It has been seen that this girl is full of various talents and she has managed to make this talent work in her advantage by bringing her a significant income. So, even though she is very young she has managed to have the net worth of $400K as of 2024. It should be also mentioned that she earns $35K when she performs.