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LeBron James suited up in football gear

LeBron James is the most successful athlete in the United States right now, so everyone is wondering how would he do in the most popular league, the NFL.

 Take a look at the Miami Heat’s star and reigning NBA MVP in a football uniform and shoulder pads. At the first sight of him in that getup, any NFL general manager would sign him on the spot.


James claims that he ran a 4.6-second 40-yard dash, and that’s without training for it. If you’ve seen him run the floor it’s easy to believe that. His vertical leap has been estimated between 40 and 44 inches. Only two players at this year’s NFL combine jumped 41 inches or higher. He’d be one of the NFL’s best athletes.


And when he put on a football uniform in conjunction with him giving new uniforms to his alma mater, Akron (Ohio) St. Vincent-St. Mary School, he looked ready to go line up in the NFL.