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Lawrence Faulborn Net Worth 2024

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One of the quickest ways to become popular automatically and to be in the spotlight is to fell in love with someone famous. It doesn’t matter if you are shy or you don’t want popularity, the fans of renowned partner will find out everything about you. You will get dragged out from anonymity and put in the limelight, and this is what happened to the Lawrence Faulborn. He is an American celebrity who became well – known after he got married to Kelli Giddish, a trendy television actress.

Lawrence Faulborn and Kelli Giddish are married for a while, and the more Kelli is getting popular, the more Lawrence is attractive to the public eye.

Stay tuned, and find out a lot of information about Faulborn and what’s his net worth.

Early Life

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A lot of information about Lawrence is not familiar, as he doesn’t want to reveal those kinds of facts. So, his date of birth is not known, but it’s a fact that he was born in the United States of America. He holds the American nationality. The information about Faulborn’s parents and siblings are not known, so we are not sure if he had any siblings.

Same like for early life, Faulborn also doesn’t want to reveal anything about his education.

The main parts of his life are connected to the marriage with Kelli and his relationship with their kids.


According to some sources, Lawrence is a businessman, and he is involved in sponsorship deals and endorsements. Surely, he is earning a lot of money. On the other hand, Kelli is an actress, and she is famous because of the show Law and Order. Giddish also played in some movies such as Death in Love and The Understudy.


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The exact information how Lawrence and Kelli met and fall in love it is not known. However, the couple tied a knot in 2015. The wedding ceremony was on the 20th of June, and only twelve people were there. The couple decided that they only want for their family and friends to be on their important day. The love birds choose a fantastic place to get married. It happened at the New Smyrna Beach in Florida. When the couple got married, it was massive news in the media. It draws a lot of attention, and the pictures of the beautiful wedding were all over social media. Today, he is one of the most interesting celebrity husbands in America. Lawrence and Kelli are genuinely in love, and they have a happy marriage. Kelli is posting a lot of pictures of them on social media. According to the photos, we can see how the couple is enjoying it.

The happy couple has two children together. The first son, Ludo Faulborn, was born in October 2015, a few months after their wedding ceremony. In November 2018, they got one more son, Charlie Faulborn. Every time Kelli gave birth, she got a lot of congratulatory messages all over social media.

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Lawrence Faulborn is deeply bonded with their kids, and he is proud of them. The businessman’s social media is full of photos of their children. Fulbourn is very active on Instagram, and he is using every chance to show how much he loves them. On his page, you can rarely see the photos with the Kelli, but there is a lot of images of their children. Each time he posts some pictures of them, he also displays a cute caption and shows how he loves them. These pictures are one of the reasons that fans are respecting and him.

Interestingly, Lawrence loves the dogs, and besides the photos of his children, we can also see pictures of the pet. The family dog is named Frannie Mae, and according to some reports, Kelli rescued the dog from the streets after the filming of Chase in 2010. The pet is with the family since then, and Kelli, Lawrence, and kids are very fond of it.

Lawrence Faulborn Net Worth 2024

According to the fact that Lawrence is a businessman, he is probably earning a significant amount of money. However, it is not estimated what’s his exact net worth. As of 2024, the net worth of his wife Kelli is $8 million.