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8 Common Laundry Mistakes You Should Avoid – 2024 Guide

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Doing your laundry is such a draggy and tricky core, right? Knowing the golden laundry rule, which is to separate light garments from dark garments and vice versa, is seemingly insufficient to achieve a perfect laundry. Most probably because the lack of formal knowledge about the proper way to do laundry is nonexistent, believe it or not. We certainly rely on what our mothers and aunts tell us, which is sometimes not enough or, worse, occasionally wrong.

But no worries, because in this article, I will pinpoint 8 common laundry mistakes you should avoid. Just read until the end and apply what you learned in your next batch of laundry. Here are 13 surprisingly common laundry mistakes you should avoid.

Not Relying on Commercial Laundry

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When you’re always on the go, you tend to do your laundry haphazardly. Consequently, your clothes will still end up dirty and smelly. An oversized laundry mistake right there! If you have that kind of habit, that needs to stop. Instead, you can rely on commercial laundry shops and avail of their laundry service. In that way, your daily routine will not be jam-packed, and your laundry will not be jeopardized. Your laundry will be much more clean, soft, and scented.

Also, laundry service is perfect for people who don’t have the technical know-how of doing laundry. Because effort, time, energy (water and electricity), and money will be saved. Just keep in mind that when going to commercial laundry shops, always be consistent on the weight of the garments to be cleaned to have a more stable bill.

But do not trust any commercial laundry immediately. You have to compare prices along with its related services. A laundry service must be:

  • Complete and excellent in services (Dry cleaning service, promos, 24/7 open, pick up and delivery options, premium cards, etc.)
  • Premium detergent
  • Always on time
  • Reasonable on its pricing
  • Near on your household
  • Choosing the Wrong Detergent

Believe it or not, the type of detergent you use in your laundry is significant. They are not all the same so stop choosing the cheaper one. It is not based on the brand but based on what you need. For example, if you have a high-efficiency washing machine, you must also use a high-efficiency detergent.

If you’re allergic to some detergent, you must use the trial and error method to eliminate what specific brand you must use. If you’re a green advocate, you can make a DIY detergent that is as effective as your conventional detergent. If your family sticks to one brand and works well for quite a long time, then stick to that brand because its longevity is more than enough to trust that particular detergent.

Skipping a New Garment Test Wash

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Often, you just dump your new clothes into the laundry after using or buying, which is a big no-no! You need to test-wash it first, especially the colored ones because it might bleed dye and stain all the clothes in that particular laundry batch. For your new clothes, never forget to soak them first in water and soap solution for 30-40 minutes. If the new garment’s dye does not stain the water, you can freely mix it with other clothes during the next batch of laundry. If the water stains, wash it separately either by hand wash or washing machine.

Not Reading and Following the Garment Label

One of the most essential, and yet people bypassed it most of the time. A garment or clothing label is a piece of information printed on a cloth’s tagline that states how it must be cleaned or washed.

If the garment label says “Dry clean only.” you must avail your most trusted commercial laundry, which offers a dry cleaning service. Other garment labels are “do not iron,” “handwash only,” and “Do not expose to fabric softener.”

Rubbing Stains Roughly

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Stains are annoying, but roughly rubbing them does not eradicate the stains effectively and immediately. But instead, it will damage your delicate clothes permanently. Also, when worse comes to worst, the stain will be scattered in your garment. You must be methodical and gentle.

Too Little or Too Much Detergent

It is crucial to know the ratio of soap, water, and laundry batch weight because you may end up using too much, or using too little may permanently damage your clothes. Also, for hygienic reasons, it is too gross to use too little or too much detergent.

If you put too much detergent, there’s a tendency that your garment will discolor and cannot be turned back into its original form. If you also put too little detergent, it will not be cleaned, and the garment will still smell.

Not Turning your Clothes Inside-out During Laundry

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Whether handwash laundry or washing machine laundry, it will always be force-based. Excessive frictional and rotational force can damage your favorite shirt. When doing your laundry, do not forget to turn your clothes inside out. It ensures that visible damage due to frictional and rotational force cannot be seen.

Not Using Fabric Conditioner/Softener

Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your beliefs about fabric softeners. Fabric softeners are not just clothing cologne or perfume. Given the right amount during laundry, fabric conditioners are safe and essential in your laundry. Our favorite garments benefit a lot from it. It prevents your garments from fuzzing, and it prolongs the garments’ lifespan.

Letting you Zipper Open

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Open zipper, especially in a washing machine laundry batch, is your cloth’s greatest enemy. The zipper’s teeth can tear the garment while it’s rotating in the washing machine. Make sure always to close the zipper during laundry. Also, this rule is not only for jeans and jackets. It can be applied when cleaning bags and hooks, and fasteners in your bra.

Now that you learned the common laundry mistakes, you can now have an improved laundry habit. Laundry Xs and Os are easy to follow, but if you don’t have the time and willingness to put any effort into your laundry, please avail of laundry services in your most trusted commercial laundry shop like Liox.