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Krazyrayray Net Worth 2024

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Sarai Jones is the real name of popular YouTuber Krazyrayray. She created a YouTube channel at a very young age, so you could see her growing up in front of the screen. Started with no plan, now her channel is filled up with tutorials, DIYs, and challenges.

YouTube Career

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Twelve years old Sarai created YouTube channel without any specific aim. Her first video was “Pizza Ranch and Cherry Coke” and that she began to explore contents and channels that were about lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. These are her main interests even now.

Krazyrayray gained the popularity posting the video titled “Straight hair with no heat” that has astonishing 9 million views. Now with over 3 million subscribers, and 213 million views, Krazyrayray sure has come a long way!

She isn’t amateur anymore due to creating highly professional video content, vlogs, and tutorials. Sarai is sharing videos of various challenges such as: “I only ate BLACK food for 24 Hours Challange!” “Letting the Person In Front of Me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 HOURS!” “I let TINDER GUYS CONTROL MY LIFE FOR A DAY” etc. Also, she is posting fashion advice, beauty and workout routines, and reports from cities and countries that she visited. In this manner, Krazyrayray has entertained her fans since 2010.

Jones is very popular on Instagram, too. Over a million people follow her glam photos.

Krazyrayray Net Worth 2024


Krayzrayray has an estimated net worth of $800,000. According to the number of subscribers and total views, it can get an average of 150,000 views per day from different sources on YouTube. This should generate an estimated revenue of $600 per day apropos $220,000 a year from the ads that appear on the videos.

Personal Information

Source: Instagram

Sarai Jones was born on December 9, 1997, in Seattle, Washington, USA. Her father and mother, Paul Jones and Nicole Jones appeared in some of Sarai’s videos. Most recent is “My parents Live A Day n my Life!” Sarai has a younger brother named Neiko Jones.