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9 Tips for Keeping a Hamster As a Pet

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Some people like to say that love is the only thing that grows by sharing. Others prefer to say that the only true love is an unconditional one. Now, if we would merge the two we would get the something a significant number of both groups and individuals identify with what they feel towards their pets. Even though the emotion and time you invest in your pet will be returned many times, you should still know about what type of nurture your special little friend needs to maximize the good times you spend together. People often have the idea of how to treat cats and dogs, but the situation might be slightly different when hamsters are concerned. Thus, read the following lines to learn about useful tips for keeping a hamster as a pet.

Choose Their Company

We can hardly imagine a cuter thing than a hamster nibbling on a piece of their favorite snack. Still, we have to warn you that your pet might try to nibble on something else, such as your fingers, especially if they do not feel safe in a particular environment.

Even though the nibble will not harm you, we recommend you keep your hamsters away from youngsters, because this act of trying to get close might scare the kids and consequently the hamster itself. Additionally, your soft little friends would feel safer if they are taken care of by someone who knows what they are doing in their company since they are living beings, not playthings.

The Bowl, and only Bowl

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You should be aware that your small friend is a rodent, thus, it will nibble onto anything it gets its teeth on. Still, you would not want to get your pet in trouble by scattering their food all over their habitat, especially because they will not hesitate to take a bite on their bedding if some food accidentally ends up there.

In order to prevent potential danger, we urge you always to use their feeding bowls and feed them only with as much as they handle. Giving them a treat from time to time will not put them into trouble, but make sure you do not leave any surplus in places that could harm them in the long run.

Be Patient

A hamster might appear as if it is a toy, and will enrich your home with love in days to come, but make sure you give them some space once you bring them in. Like any other creature, a hamster will react to its new surroundings, so we suggest you give them a couple of days to accommodate before you pick them up and start playing with them. We know hard it might be to resist the temptation but try to take a look at the wider picture and put your pet’s needs in front of your momentary urge.

Choose a Home for Your Cute Rodent

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Hamsters are lively little creatures, so they should be provided with a safe place to spend their time when you are not around to play around with them. Thus, you should carefully choose their habitat, and think about what additional gadgets it should be enhanced with in order for your pet to have a whale of a time and spend appropriately their energy.

Unquestionably, you should take care of picking the right habitat for your little one before you take them in especially when the adaptation period is in question.

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Lay the Lights Down Low

We have mentioned the adaptation period several times because it is vital for your pet’s progress. Once it gets used to its new surroundings, you will be able to play with it as much as you want, so make sure they feel as comfortable as possible during the first few days.

In order to give them as much privacy as they need, we recommend you cover their cage with a cloth or anything similar that would provide them with a sense of security without messing with the airflow.


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Even though it might be easier to feed your hamster with granules, we should inform you that they simply adore raw foods they can easily nibble. Thus, make sure you always have a stash of fresh cabbage, carrots, apples, cucumbers, or anything else that might be used as a healthy treat. Naturally, the fresh veggies should be used as a snack only, and should not be used in large quantities.

Maintaining their Habitat

Since you will be keeping your pet in a cage of some sort, you should pay close attention to hygiene and maintain the space regularly. Now, changing their bedding should be done at least once a month, while you should take care of the left every week. Naturally, if you notice the state of the cage deviates from what you would call a decent place for a hamster to live in, you should clean it up as soon as possible.

Always Use Fresh Water

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When water for your pet is concerned, the math is simple since the fresher the fluid, the better for the hamster. Hamsters are small animals, and they will not need large quantities of water, so replacing the old ones with fresh ones should not be difficult.

If they spill the water, make sure you take care of the spillage as soon as you notice it, and your pet will appreciate the effort.

The Vet

Hamsters are grateful pets, and they are not prone to diseases. Still, you should take care of their well-being and pay a visit vet’s office at least once a year. In case you notice your hamster does not feel well for some reason, you should make sure you consult a veterinarian as promptly as you can.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you provide everything your hamster pet needs. Just do not forget that the most important thing is the love you and your lively nibbling friend should nurture, and the time you spend together will be a treat for both of you.