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Jessica Weaver Net Worth 2024

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The Internet has become a major thing nowadays, and if you aren’t successful in reaching fame through acting and singing, as well as some “old-fashioned” ways, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms are there to help you to reach that popularity.

One of those people who succeeded online is Jessica Weaver. Her social media platform is Instagram, and she is introducing herself as an Instagram model. If you want to know more about this beautiful young lady, as well as her net worth in this 2024, then we suggest that you take a further read into our article.


Jessica Weaver’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, as she was born on 11 November 1987. She was born in the United States of America, or more accurately in Los Angeles, which is located in the California state. She was raised in Colorado, which is another place in the United States of America, and while her nationality is American, her ethnicity is mixed. Her mother and father’s name are unknown, as Jessica Weaver never said anything about it, and she also never mentioned what elementary and high school she attended. We know that she went to fashion designing and that she was a cosmetologist before she got her internet fame.

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Jessica Weaver started using Instagram to post pictures in bikinis and other clothes, but she was amongst the few who got an amazing number of followers. Her photographs look professional, and her gorgeous figure is what also got people attracted to her. In addition to her bikini pictures, she also posts images from her daily life, and she is also into the workout, and she is quite an influence on the social media, as she frequently posts motivational quotes and workout videos. Jessica Weaver visits the gym a lot, and many are wondering if her breasts are real, or are they implants. It could be both, as her body dimensions of 36-25-38 inches may be hard to believe, but she is going to the gym a lot, and she has been and still is, on healthy diets, and she could have obtained that figure through that. We all know how many like to gossip and tell various stories, and until Jessica Weaver herself doesn’t disclose the discussion, we are remaining silent, and we believe that she achieved her amazing figure through healthy diets and workouts.

In addition to her main Instagram account, Jessica Weaver also has three other accounts, which she uses to promote bikinis she wears, and she is very successful in her Instagram career. She considers herself to be a model and an internet personality.

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Personal life

Jessica Weaver has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her shoe size is US 6, and she is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her weight is 58 kilograms, and her many tattoos have also made her fame and popularity grow, as nowadays people are interested in inked ladies and gentlemen on social media, and all of them make a good amount of money through photography and social media.

Jessica Weaver and JJ Velasquez are currently dating, but we still haven’t heard the story on how they met and how long have they been together. Judging by the Instagram posts, they seem very much in love, and they are always posting and captioning their photos on their respective Instagram account with much love and respect. JJ Velasquez is a photographer who often does business with models, and he is responsible for the majority of Weaver’s Instagram pictures and the fantastic way they look. The two still haven’t had children, nor have they ever discussed their marital plan, but they do own three adorable puppies, that you can often see featured on both of their social media accounts, or more accurately, on Instagram.

Source: youtube.com

Jessica Weaver Net Worth 2024

Jessica Weaver also has a Twitter and a Facebook profile, but Instagram is what brings her fortune. Two years ago she had around $300,000, and during these past two years her net worth has significantly increased, and she has an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2024. She earns somewhere between $15,000 and $25,000 for just one posts, and when you combine all of her endeavors, it is no wonder she has that kind of fortune.