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5 Ways for Increasing Your IQ Levels

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From a very young and tender age we are usually taught that intelligence is measured with IQ tests. Therefore, it is natural for our developing minds to think that the higher the IQ of a person, the smarter they are, and the lower it is the stupider they are. It is not that simple of course as the famous IQ tests do measure one’s intellectual capabilities but not so binary and straightforward. Not all geniuses or successful people had high scores, nor are you guaranteed a bad and unsuccessful life if you score low. To make things even better and less clear, you can practice for the tests and get better scores the next time around.

Certainly a welcome addition and a great revelation altogether, intelligent quotient (IQ) tests are not being used to the most of their capabilities. They are understood too literally and people cling onto them too much throughout their life. It starts with the first iterations of tests most kids take at school, which is when the teachers and parents believe there is cause for concern when or if children score below average. There is simply too much that influences that final number, from your state of mind as you do the test to how you slept last night.

If you were ever unsatisfied with your IQ level and want to increase the score at the test, there is a lot that can be done. In this article we will talk about the best ways of increasing the levels of your intelligence that will help you score a higher number. To learn more about things related to taking these tests as well as practicing, make sure to check out iq-global-test.com where you can explore all the different aspects and stats on IQ tests.

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Is It Accurate?

So answer this question in short, no, IQ tests cannot accurately measure the intelligence of the candidate because a lot of different things influence a person’s intelligence. They are but a first step in accessing other mental and learning capabilities and disabilities, and are a good enough proof to maybe show the candidates what they are better at and what they could improve.

A wide array of environmental and genetic factors matters when somebody’s intelligence is being questioned and measured. We are all different people, we have different genes, and we have grown up in different circumstances. For example, apart from genetics as the obvious basis and limitations, home life, style of parenting, nutrition, education, social background, and the IQ of the parents are all factors that contribute to the general capabilities of a candidate subjected to a test.

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Ways to Increase IQ Levels

Finally, let us now see how you can increase the levels of your intelligence and score higher on your next test. Remember however that you should not leave everything behind and neglect your responsibilities and chores just so you can score higher. If you already have a good professional and private life and are happy, your IQ score does not matter. Nobody will ask you for it in order to choose you for something.

1. Memory Games

Games and activities that aim to stimulate the use of short term and long term memory are great for the overall increase of intelligence levels. Our brains rarely work as hard as when we have to remember something in order to solve a problem. Reasoning and language skills are also boosted with memory games so make sure to try things like jigsaw and crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and card games that require calculation and matching. It may seem like children’s stuff to you at first especially if you do not have the habit of doing them, but it works and you will feel its effects after some time.

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2. Executive Control Activities

The ability to control and solve more complex cognitive activities and problems is defined as executive control. Tightly connected to executive regulation and management, it is an excellent collection of activities that help with more fluid reasoning and coming up with conclusions to problems. If you think this would be a fun thing to do and want to try it out, be sure to engage in scrabble, pictionaries, quick reaction games with red and green light, and all sorts of brainteasers. Along with memory boosters, you will start learning about all sorts of different things you never knew before and find brand new way to think and solve issues.

3. Visuospatial Stimulation

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Strictly cognitive reasoning is often limited in a way that you do not need to account for space and too many visuals, apart from strictly what you are looking at. Depth, width, and length are often missing, things that are crucial in the three dimensional world we live in. To increase your mental processes related to physical representations and objects, you should do activities that involve spatial and visual training and stimulation. These would be mazes, POV (point of view) games, 3D models and puzzles, and unfolded prisms. Hand to eye coordination is crucial here so sports and video games are another great thing to try if you think your visuospatial skills could be better.

4. Reading

Of course, the old-fashioned and traditional way of learning about new things and staying informed is frequent reading. A lot of people in the modern day and age read very little, often not at all apart from things on the internet and their surroundings. Stimulating your brain to think about things you know nothing about while learning about history, geography, law, philosophy, famous people, or just reading fantasy and fiction are all amazing for increasing IQ levels. Cognitive and language skills are boosted when there is a habit of reading present in your life.

5. Never-ending Education

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To truly stay in shape in terms of your intelligence, you should simply adopt continued education and always try to learn new things throughout your life. Whether it is a new handy skill, a brand new language, or something that can help you get a promotion at work, you will learn more than you did before. A new sport, hobby, or simply hopping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself is enough to think in ways you never thought before, which is always enough when one is trying to increase the levels of their intelligence.