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Stimulating the Mind: Apps to Exercise the Brain 

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We all try to get an ideal body, but why don’t we think about getting our minds healthy. Your body needs exercise to work better, and the same applies to your mind. The brain is the most important part of our body, so it should be active throughout the day. Right? Brainpower improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise!!

So the next question is, how can you improve your brainpower? The answer is by solving some quizzes and puzzles, but finding a challenging puzzle is not easy. To make things simple for you today, we bring some apps that will surely help you out in your brain exercising. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to exercise your brain. Right? So invest some time with these games to get your mind active & healthy. There are a number of games that you can download on your phone right now to begin your workout. So, get ready for a great mental workout!! Here is a list of top eight games to help you get started:

1. Luminosity

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This popular app has a ton to offer! It has over 25 games that you can choose from that cater to multiple areas of your brain. By selecting the right combination, you can get a custom, tailor-made training experience. No matter how busy your schedule, the games can fit seamlessly into your daily routine. The best part is that it is no cockamamie scheme without any science to back it up. Luminosity works with more than 40 university researchers around the globe to design the neuropsychological and cognitive tasks that are then turned into games for you.

2. Elevate

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This app too gives you personalized brain training exercises that you can easily incorporate in your daily routine. What sets this app apart is the convenient workout calendar that it offers. You can easily track your progress and the details it provides you on your performance can prove quite insightful. It has more than 30 cognitive games that are short so you can easily play during your commute, in your lunch break or while waiting in a line. As you use it more your mind’s abilities improve, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stop finding their games challenging. As you level up, so do the games. They keep getting more difficult and more interesting.

3. Math Workout

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There’s no better way to exercise your mind than to make it do some math! It constantly challenges your brain and makes it think in different ways. The app Math Workout uses this idea and is a great tool for you to use. The software is bare-bones and it seems to be lacking in production value but it makes up for it by excelling power. It is quite popular among people and a must download!

4. Eidetic

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Memory has an important role to play. Unfortunately, as we age we find that our memory gets choppy. It’s just not the same anymore. If you want to make sure that you have a good memory even as you age, you must exercise daily. The Eidetic app is focused on the memory function of the brain and is a great addition to your phone. It makes use of some interesting mental principles to improve your memory. Spaced repetition is a great feature to use. What it does is it asks you to select some information that you’d like to store and then throughout the day it quizzes about it at random times. Given that the app makes use of cloud data, you can also use it on your computer and other devices. This also gives the app more platforms to quiz you on meaning you’ll never escape!

5. 100 Logic Games

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If you’re not who loves tough regiments and intense scores just make you anxious, maybe 100 Logic Games would prove more suitable. It features 100 different activities that are designed to engage your problem-solving and logical reasoning skills. You’re bound to find them challenging, but as you solve each you’ll get great satisfaction for sure!

6. Brainwell

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This app contains the typical daily training regimens, progress reports and multiple games like most of the apps in the list. But the unique thing about it is that it makes it all super competitive. You can challenge your friends and family and have some fun out of it while you’re at it. Since they’re geared towards children and adults alike, everyone is bound to enjoy. Just make sure you have a fast internet connection to challenge them in real-time. You can visit websites such as Buytvinternetphone and you’ll find the best connection for you!

7. Circles

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This app is all about decluttering the process and going minimal. Circles comprise of one game only that is sure to improve your short-term and long-term memory. What it does is, it challenges you to watch and then repeat a sequence of colored lights and sounds. It is based on the ‘Simon’ game of pattern memorization and we totally recommend you try!

8. Clockwork Brain

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Millions of people enjoy using this app to train their brains in a fun, creative way. It is specially designed to test your memory, reasoning, attention, and dexterity, Language. When you open the game, you’ll find Sprocket- a friendly gold robot that will guide you in the game and explain every next task to you. Another interesting thing about this game is that it is absolutely free to download, you don’t have to pay a single penny. So download right away on your device and enjoy playing it.

Final Words

Being stuck in a boring job can really numb your mind, but actively engaging it with the things around you can be hard. It is for this reason that we recommend using these online games. You must have at least one downloaded to your devices at all times so you can exercise your mind throughout the day, whenever you have some extra time to kill. Many of the above apps are free to download, so why are you still waiting!! They’re sure to make wait times easier. So, get exercising!