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How to Style a Denim Jacket Using Patches

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A denim jacket is a piece of clothing everyone possesses. Every year there are numerous new fashion trends and designers always try to create something new and interesting. However, it is a fact that denim jacket is one constant thing that never changes.

This jacket is perfect for almost every season. People wear them to greet warm spring days, to stay warm on a chilly summer night, and even incorporate them into their fall outfits. This piece of clothing can last you for a long time, but every now and then, we want to change them a bit so that they can reflect our current style. The easiest way to breath in a new life to our old denim jacket is to use patches. If you are a true fashionista, you can make this your little DIY project. On the other hand, if you don’t possess this skill, you can turn to professionals such as gs-jj.com.

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Firstly, you have to decide what type of patch you want. Some of them can be pinned, others have to be sewn. There are also some modern techniques such as iron-on, Velcro or adhesive patches. If you don’t want to make a permanent change, then you should probably opt for patches that can be removed. Check out https://sewingisawesome.com/beginners-guide-sewing/ for more guide to sewing.

Secondly, think about the statement you want to make. Patches are a great way to express your attitude. People don’t only use them because they are trendy, but also because they can convey their opinions about a certain issue or support a cause, or simply show their love for certain things or hobbies.

If you want to revive hippy style, then you know what type of patches you need. Add sunshine, rainbows, lollipops, and so on, and make a cheerful piece of clothing. You can also opt for darker denim because it will make your patches stand out. You can draw the sketch in advance, or you can simply add the patches as you go, whatever you prefer. What’s more, you can even cover the entire back of the jacket. Why not? When it comes to this type of design there isn’t anything you can’t do. All you need is a pair of cool sunglasses, and you are ready to go.

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Another reason why you should try to do this on your own instead of buying designer clothes is the price. As you already know, these pieces of clothes from certain brands can be quite expensive. If you want to create your own design not only will you save a significant amount of money, but you will also be able to do anything you want. On the abovementioned website, you can upload the pictures you want to turn into a patch or choose one from their gallery. Plus, numerous types of patches are manufactured and sold, which means that you can create whatever you want and wear it with pride.

To sum up, don’t you think that your denim jacket needs a new look for the upcoming season? There is no need to waste your money on buying a new one, when you can revamp it on your own, don’t you think?