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5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Headphone for Your Favorite Music Genre

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If you are a person who loves to listen to music, it’s a necessity to have a headphone. But before you go buying one, did you know that there are headphones that specialize in specific genres? Yes, you read that right. In this article, we will give you five tips on how to choose the right one for your favorite music genre.

1. Know the sound signatures

A headphones’ frequency response will tell you its sound signature and it can help you determine which music genre a specific pair of headphones specializes in. These may vary from Extra Bass, V-shaped, Flat, Bright, Warm and Smooth, and Balanced. Here is an explanation of each one:

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Extra Bass

If you love EDM and music with heavy bass, this one will do wonders for you. Extra Bass, as the name implies, emphasizes the bass by boosting the sound levels on the lower frequencies. Headphones with this signature really make you feel the punch from the beats. Extra bass also makes your music sound louder and warmer than it is, overpowering the other frequencies.


V-Shaped emphasizes the bass and treble, which are the two major frequencies. Your audio may sound unnatural because of this. This sound signature works in favor of music with both lows and highs, like for example, songs with soft instrumentals and high vocals. V-shaped is also good for Rock and Soft Rock.

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Flat is usually found in studio headphones that are desired by professional audio artists. Flat will give the most natural audio in all six of the signatures. This sound signature doesn’t emphasize any frequency levels, hence the name. Though, no sound driver can truly be flat. If you want to listen to your music like how it was recorded in the studio, the flat signature is for you.


Do you like listening to upbeat music? If you do, then Bright fits your bill. Bright brings the most out of mids and highs as it emphasizes these levels. This sound signature makes your music clearer, perfect if you really want to hear louder instrumentals and energetic vocals. Louder frequencies tend to be a bit detrimental to one’s ears though, so listening to headphones with this a bright signature might be too much in longer listening sessions.

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Warm and Smooth

If you love mellow songs or smooth music like Jazz, Warm and Smooth will caress your ears. W&S emphasizes the lows and lower-mid ranges, with the highs set on the lower levels. This sound signature envelopes you in a warm and cozy atmosphere while listening to your music.


The all-rounder of the six. A Balanced signature slightly enhances all sound levels. It’s a combination of the Extra Bass and Bright. This sound signature, as you may have guessed, gives a balanced audio experience. Balanced is good for any genre, allowing you to listen to every aspect of your music. There are great examples of headphones with balanced sound signatures here.

2. Consider Noise-Cancellation

A lot of headphones offer noise-cancellation to enhance your music experience by blocking out any unnecessary noises that may potentially affect your listening session. According to https://allbestgamingheadset.com/, Some headphones have active noise-cancellation that adapts depending on the amount of noise around you. If you like listening to soft music, noise-cancellation will help a lot when you’re out in a bustling environment.

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3. Check the Volume

When picking a headphone, you don’t want the ones that have bad volume specifications. Volume is measured in Decibels(dB). If a headphone has high dB, it will experience less audio-tearing. Usually, 120 dB is enough as it is how much the human ear can take

4. Know the Two Main Headphone Types

“Open-back or Closed-back?”, that is the question. Open-back headphones offer a much wider soundstage compared to a Closed-back, though it will be exposed to more noise in your surroundings. Having wider soundstage means your audio will sound like it’s being played inside a large room, great for the louder genres like Pop and Rock.

Closed-back headphones offer natural noise-cancellation due to their nature. Closed-back will trap your ears and your audio together in a smaller sound stage. Perfect for the softer music, or even the louder ones if you want to really feel the bass.

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5. Pick Your Design

This is mainly up to your preference. Headphone designs usually express what kind of genre you like to listen to. In this current time, they are considered as fashion statements that reflect what type of person you are and what type of music you listen to.

Your Own Personalized Musical Experience

After considering all these tips, the headphones you pick will surely give you the best music experience whichever the genre you love listening to.