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How to Spot an Online Casino Cheater – 2024 Guide

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Gambling and betting have been a part of human history and one of the favorite things to do in free time. For as ling there were rules, there emerged people that wanted to bend the rules and get the upper hand. Cheating and going around the established rules is something that is in human nature, especially if there is a possibility to obtain goods; these were gold and foods in the early days of human history, now things have changed a lot, and the money is something that triggers this kind of behavior. You may be suspicious that someone is cheating, but how can you be sure. Stay tuned to find out!

Before we start, we want to state that cheating is very immortal the thing to do, and there is a moral obligation to report the ones that are cheating.

1. Card counting

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Most of the online casinos are offering live games that simulate the real game, and there is a real dealer that is in charge of dealing. This is where the trait of card counting can be of use. People who practice this skill and use it in walk-in casinos are easily recognized and they are forbidden from entering some casinos if they are caught counting cards. Some are discussing that this trait can be learned and that it is not immoral to use it in playing and acquiring assets. The ones that are using it will be very hard to pick from the crowd but you may be able to spot them in the games like blackjack and poker since they will have a streak and will not lose any games from the start. This can be a tell, but you can never know for sure.

2. Excessive buying

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This is one more tell if someone is using some shady things in getting assets, and it is again used on the online as well as walk-in casinos. Many will get a specific amount on the table they are playing and then, all of a sudden disappear, and then reappear with an excessive amount of chips. They do try to get the chips in other games and then get back to the one that they set as a target to get the money from.

3. Going back and forward

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It is interesting that people that are using some way of cheating, such as card counting will just disappear from the table even if they are in the middle of a winning streak. This is due to the fact they are afraid to be caught and they will stop before they become suspicious; that exact the moment is what makes them suspicious; since they will not be able to resist and will get back to the game as soon as possible to get more and more and more. The winning and gaining are what pulls them back, and some will get into this and not pay attention to the numbers, peaking and getting all of the possible assets.

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4. Taking it all

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What is very interesting for humans is that they are greedy; and once they have experienced winning big portions of money, they will get greedy and want more and more. At his very point, you may be able to recognize them since they will give in a lot, and gain even more. They do tend to be very rude in the comments and pushy, every time they have taken the specific amount of money; it can get to the level of insulting other players and mocking them for losing money.

5. Tips

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It is polite to tip the dealer, and this is very common in the walk-in casinos. If you are playing the game online and there is an option to tip the dealer, pay attention to the ones doing is often and way too much. This is s subconscious move cheaters often make without even noticing since they do want to make them more merciful in a sense towards them. If you notice someone that is constantly winning, putting a lot of bets, and is very greedy, in addition to this we have an excess of the tipping, you might stumble upon the cheater.

6. Strong emotions

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All players have strong emotions while playing, and this is a matter of the adrenaline rush that is occurring in their brains. And it is totally normal to have an exaggeration in emotions, but the one’s cheating will have a very specific feeling since they struggle with the morals of the cheating, even on the subconscious level. They tend to be more aggressive in their approach to the game, betting, and the ones that are in the game as well. Of course, not all of the people who are aggressive and impolite are cheaters, but it is a thing that adds up to all of the mentioned before. Being very aggressive in their game, and placing bets very fast; leaving the game and coming back, especially with the comments that are similar to mocking others and telling them that the one that will get all of their money is here is also common. Again, there are ones that will not give a bit of info or a hint, and just disappear if there is a big streak of winning and more to the other table.


When it comes to online games and cheating, it is almost impossible to cheat in games that do not involve dealing real cards, since a specific level of hacking would need to be involved; this is almost impossible due to the levels of security all online services have in order to protect the players and themselves. When it comes to cheating, the combination of all mentioned will probably be a certain sign that someone is doing this immoral thing. Do not forget that some are just lucky, but no one can be lucky all the time. If it seems fishy, it probably is.