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7 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Online Casinos

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Whether you love online casinos or not they’re still a great source of entertainment and a great way of winning some money.

But, do you fully know what you’re getting into? Do you have any idea how to sign up for one? Do you have the slightest idea of the options available to you?

Chances are, you’ve wanted to sign up at least once and play a game of poker. And poker isn’t the only game you can play in an online casino; your options are truly unlimited.

But we’ve decided to write a different kind of article. We’ve decided to open our factbook and throw at you the 7 most interesting facts you should know about online casinos.

Without further ado, let’s start.

1. Online Casinos Are Legal, But Illegal in Some Places

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It goes without saying that different countries and states in the United States have a different opinion on online casinos.

In some countries around the world, online casinos are perfectly legal and any person above the legal age minimum can sign up and play. The thing to note here is that you sign up using a debit or credit card, and any winning must be taxed.

In other places, such as some states in the US, online casinos are illegal and you could pay some serious fines if caught registering or playing.

However, regardless if it’s legal or illegal, there is a fact that online casinos are less restricted.

2. The House Always Wins

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If you’ve ever been to Vegas then you’ll know that the house always wins. Well, the case remains with its online counterparts.

Many people test their luck with the intention of beating the house. This isn’t anything new but people still try their luck. Truthfully speaking, these are still games of chance with the added technological boost to make your experience more enjoyable.

However, we all know that casinos forbid players from staying too long on a particular game. This is because, in the case of blackjack, players have been found to cheat the system in order to win the game.

An online casino makes its games completely on technology that gives a random chance, resembling that of its physical counterparts.

But, unlike ordinary Vegas casinos, the online counterparts offer you sign up bonuses, discounts, and many other coupon-like treats to keep you as long as possible. This completely contradicts what ordinary casinos do, and for good reasons.

3. It’s All Random

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It goes without saying that the RNG (random number generator) factor is always present with these establishments. All gambling software (the games you play) is created and coded using this RNG factor.

This prevents a player from exploiting, while also keeping him on the table for as long as the player wants. Some of the most prominent RNG games include slots, roulette, and blackjack.

4. Slots Generate the Most Winnings

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Regardless if you’re visiting an online or physical establishment, the fact still remains that slot winnings make up around 73% of all winnings.

What this means is that playing slots gives you the best chance to win big. As you all know, slots also come with a global jackpot that gets increased with every turn a player spins.

So, not only do you have a chance of winning some money, but you also have a shot at the big jackpot.

But we’ve decided to write a different kind of article. We’ve decided to open our factbook and throw at you the 7 most interesting facts you should know about online casinos www.newcasinos-au.com/casinos/high-roller.

5. They’re Generally Safe

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When it comes to safety issues, those are rarely a concern in the online gambling world. While there are no doubt shady websites, there is a clear way of distinguishing the safe from unsafe.

For example, the best way to spot a fraudulent website is to look for an official license that every gambling establishment is issued. In most cases, the license can be seen somewhere on the homepage, or in the footer.

A clear example of this would be to visit www.weclub88.net. Being one of the most prominent and safest gambling establishments in the online world, they have their license displayed on their homepage.

6. They Aim To Make You Play

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If you’re after some source materials or information on how games at online casinos are played, you’ll rarely find those on such gambling websites.

Your best bet, in this case, is to look for other sources rather than the website where you’ll want to play slots. This isn’t anything unusual, but online gambling websites don’t actually want to help you win.

As always, there are strategies out there that help you win easier, and these establishments don’t want you to know about them nor will they tell you.

While there are some sources that you could learn how to play specific games, most of the information you’ll find on gambling websites are advertisements.

7. Be Careful What You Read

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This next fact isn’t really tied to online casinos, but to the various sources, you’ll read when searching for information on the World Wide Web.

Namely, some sources advertise as user-friendly, but they actually market shady websites that trick players into signing up with them.

This is quite common since legitimate sources actually get paid a percentage when a user visits a particular online casino through their website.

This is in fact how many of these websites make their money. But some advertise establishments that aren’t legit and are only after your hard-earned money.

In some cases, you might be promised a nice signup bonus, promising you the best odds, best chances to win, etc, when in fact you’re actually getting scammed.


The online casino world is huge and offers you a great chance to win some money while playing various games. It’s generally safe but there are ways for you to lose money.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to be smart with how you do things. Don’t click on shady links and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right.

As a general rule, you should always play with the known players in the industry as they are the safest options.