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How to Choose Headphones for Drumming – Electronic Drum Set

Electronic drum sets which entered the market by completely outdating the acoustic drum sets brought some overwhelming features with it; one of them is offering the port for the headphone jack. Drummers who were totally into the acoustic ones had the major problem of controlling the output volume so that it won’t create disturbance to the people around. This feature erased the problem completely from core and made it the most reasonable feature to jump to the latest ones. This was at a time beneficial to both professionals and beginners to practice any tunes anytime and anywhere without any kind of inconvenience caused. However, with the evolution of technology, many brands and models of headphones for drummers were also introduced into the market which is best in their own category. One can find the best-suited headphones for drummers by following the expert’s guide from electronic drum guy with various considerable features compared in it.

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5 Things to Consider While Choosing Headphones for Drumming

  • Choosing between in ears or full-sized headphones

Most drummers often get into the dilemma of whether to select the in-ear headphones or the full-sized ones. The clear answer for this is the in-ears one as they offer a high level of noise attenuations when compared to the full-sized ones. However, there are few leading branded full-sized headphones which have noise cancellation feature, but finding them is quite a tough task from tons of options in the market.

Furthermore, in-ear headphones are comfortable and lightweight which will make you totally forget about the earpiece and concentrate on the rhythm eventually. On the other hand, many would require a little practice to get habituated to the in-ear phones for some days too. However, when it comes to drummers, in-earphones are the best possible choice in several aspects.

  • Sound preference and compatibility

Although variable sound effects can be produced in the latest headphones by using different configurations, the choice of the sound completely depends on one’s individual preference. Sound with higher-end sound is preferred by most pop singer and the rock music players whereas a balance and subtle sound is preferred by others. One would always look for the sound signature that merges with the music that they are playing or the sound that they are interested in. There are several choices available in the market from this perspective.

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  • Adjustability

Although one can look out for the most suitable headphones from the market that varies in several factors such as available options, quality, and durability, size is also one of the most important factors to consider. Some full-sized headphones which won’t fit on the ears of the drummers may cause inconvenience while catching the rhythm and equally responding to it.

  • Noise cancellation feature

No matter, whether you are going for the in-earphones or full-sized headphones that go all along the neck, you must make sure that your selected product is having the best noise cancellation feature. There are several options added in the modern-day earphones which can make this feature more effective. Choose a renowned brand in order to get the best noise cancellation performance.

  • Quality of the Amplifier

Headphones are generally plugged into computer, laptops, phones, etc that may be from Android or iOS which already have a balanced amplifier to complement any kind of earphones, but when you are going for an expensive drummer headphone one can also regulate the sound based on various factors. However, one must always go for the device that has more features and options to enhance the sound quality irrespective of the price. In-ear phones generally have a low impedance which serves fine in real-time applications.

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Online stores are the best choice to buy a reliable headphone for the drummer as one can compare the price of the chosen ones with that of the branded or reputed companies and get the best deal out of it. If you’re looking for a portable electronic drum set, check out this honest Roland V-Drums review.