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Highest-Paid TV Stars

Much is always made of how much the big movie star actors are being paid to star in the big films. It sometimes means that the tv stars are forgotten, but this shouldn’t be the case, as many are also making eye-watering figures. At the start of the year, many bookmakers were offering markets on who would top the list, with the Big Bang Theory cast proving very popular for punters using casino-promo-code.co.uk. The big question is, did any of them make a list? Here we cover a list of a number of them, which includes several surprise names.

The first to make a list is Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is part of the hugely successful series known as Modern Family. His salary has surpassed $13 million, which is why he sits on this select list. The 44-year-old has picked up multiple awards throughout his time playing Mitchell Pritchett on the show since 2009.

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52-year-old Ty Burrell is another TV actor to make a list with a salary that exceeds $11 million. He plays one of the lead roles in Modern Family and has picked up numerous awards for his performances. Burrell has also been involved in several successful films such as Black Hawk Down.

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Another factor to make a list is Simon Helberg, who is part of the Big Bang theory. The 39-year-old is also a musician on top of a comedian and actor. He is another of the key actors on the show, which he has been involved in since back in 2007. For his performances, he has picked up a number of awards, with his estimated net worth also now over $20 million, with a high salary.

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Ellen Pompeo is another who makes a list. The 50-year-old recently picked up a bumper deal, which is pushed her up the rankings from in the past. She is another to have received such high praise for her role in the series, with her net worth now surpassing $35 million, on top of her lucrative salary.

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Norman Reedus is part of the Walking Dead cast and is estimated to be making around $1 million per episode. The 50-year-old previously has been involved in a number of films. Nicole Kidman is another actress to be making around $1 million an episode for her role in the successful series known as Big Little lies. The 52-year-old has been involved in many films such as Stoker and, more recently, Aqua man.

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Another to make a list is 68-year-old Mark Harmon, who stars in the series NCIS. This is also known to many as Naval Criminal Investigative Service. He has been part of the hugely impressive series since back in 2003. He makes this list as one of the highest-paid TV stars as his estimated net worth is over $85 million.

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Kunal Nayyar is another to feature and is involved in the Big Bang theory. He has long sat at the top of lists when it comes to TV earnings, and this year is no different. The actor has continued to play one of the leading roles in the Big Bang theory since 2007. His net worth is estimated at a little over $40 million, with a high salary. Kaley Cuoco is an actress also involved in the show. The 34-year-old also makes a list due to her net worth now estimated at around $50 million. Kaley has also been involved in the show since back in 2007, which she has picked up numerous awards for her performances.

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Johnny Galecki is another member of the Big Bang theory to make a list. He plays Leonard Hofstadter in the series. The 44-year-old has also appeared in a large number of films that include Suicide Kings. He is another of the top earners of the cast and has been involved since back in 2007. His estimated net worth is now over $45 million. The final member of the Big Bang theory cast to make a list is 46-year-old Jim Parsons, who plays the leading role of Sheldon Cooper. He is also a producer on top of his acting and has been involved in the series since his start back in 2007. He is another to have picked up awards for his performances and has an estimated net worth of over $75 million.

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