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HellthyJunkFood Net Worth 2024

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Behind the YouTube channel, HellthyJunkFood is John Paul Lambiase and Julia Yarinsky. If you want to know more about John Paul Lambiase and Julia Yarisky, and how they created the popular YouTube channel, as well as their net worth in this 2024 year than go ahead and take a further look in our article.


John Paul Lambiase was born on October 9, 1982. His zodiac sign is Libra. YouTuber was born in Seoul, which is located in South Korea. However, he was adopted, and he ended up living in Rochester, which is located in New York because his adoptive parents lived there. His adoptive parents are Italian. John Paul Lambiase attended the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Julia Yarinsky was born on January 29, 1990, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She comes from the United States, and she grew up under the New York City lights. Julia Yarinsky finished Saratoga Springs High School in 2008, and afterward, she attended State University of New York College located in Oneonta. She graduated in 2012. From 2011 to 2013 Yarinsky was a part of Songwriters Club at SUNY Oneonta.

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Julia Yarinsky and John Paul Lambiase are currently dating, and the two created a YouTube channel called HellthyJunkFood. They are both chefs, and they like to create some weird food and then upload that to YouTube. On their website, hellthyjunkfood.com they stated how their channel is a comedy cooking satire for this century, and they started the channel at first as a way to have their recipes online to promote a healthier life and to have people cook at their home more instead of going out to eat as they often do.

However, since they are both funny people, they soon realized how they could turn their cooking channel around. They started making some weird and gigantic food, and their channel became even more popular. In addition to the oversized food, they also make some test kitchen segments, recipe challenges and hey even go to see some restaurants they have never visited and then talk about it on YouTube.

Jonh Paul Lambiase also has his personal YouTube channel called JP Talks, and that one is designed for vlogs, challenges, and some reviews. There is JP Lambiase channel as well, but he isn’t using it that much, as he posted just two vides in this past year. Julia Yarinsky also has her own YouTube channel, called JULIAYism, and she uploads some short recipes video, some pranks, and it is also a vlog.

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Personal life

There isn’t much information about John Paul Lambiase and Julia Yarinsky. Everything we know we mentioned earlier and the fact that the two are dating and are co-creators of their YouTube channel is maybe more than enough. They are often asked about their relationship and whether they are going to get married any time soon. Julia jokingly said one time how Lambiase is the one who is actually pregnant, and that prompted fans to wonder and aks more about their relationship.

Julia posted on their website hellthyjunkfood.com, “It’s very common that we read comments asking when we will be getting married or when I will be having a baby. We have made it into some type of joke now exclaiming that JP is pregnant, not myself. Not trying to mislead anyone as much as not make that be the main focus of what we do on YouTube. Yes, it makes total sense why you’re curiosity is lingering and answers must be told!

While JP may not be pregnant, I am not either, we have been talking about the next steps of our relationship. It is important to both of us that we keep pushing in creating videos that YOU all love to watch on YouTube so the wedding has been postponed now for almost 2 years after the engagement. The time commitment and drive we have for YouTube is what brought us together. It’s important to me that we take all the time we need to make sure our day is exactly what we want it to be and that it is what makes sense for both of our future. We want it to be that “perfect” day but surely don’t have expectations of perfection.

After that, it’ll be more on baby talk. JP wants children. I’ll admit I do too but I’m in no rush. A little one of us walking around would only make the world a better place. Right?”

Source: naibuzz.com

HellthyJunkFood Net worth 2024

HellthyJunkFood has more than 2.3 million subscribers. With more than 500 million views, their estimated net worth in 2024 is about $1 million.