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Halie305 In The Club & XXL Spread

Check out Halie305 club pictures and her XXL spread/interview inside.

So are you the girl that a guy should have when he gets older?

Of course. I’m very catering to my man. I like to have fun, keep it spicy and new, cook and clean for you—I do it all.

Being half-Black and half-White, have you always embraced your curves?

As a child, I had to get adjusted to [my curves]. I used to have a big bu** in elementary school. I went to an all-White school, so I used to cry every day to my mom, “Why is my bu** so big, and why do those boys pick on me?” She had no answers for me.

What brought you to Miami?

I’ve been in Miami for, like, three years now. I came out here one year for spring break and never went back. I never knew this kind of stuff existed: staying up all night, partying and drinking, beaches, sun. I was like, “This is way better than Portland!”