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George Eads Net Worth 2024

George Eads is an American actor who gained worldwide recognition after his performance in TV series like CSI and MacGyver. If you want to know more about this talented actor, as well as his net worth, than dive deep into the article.

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George Coleman Eads III was born on March 1, 1967, and his zodiac sign is Pisces. He was born in Forth Worth, one of the big cities in Texas state, which belongs to the United States of America. George Eads loved his childhood spent in Forth Worth, and he always talks about his wonderful days in the city. His father Arthur Coleman Eads was a district attorney, and he was more known by his nickname which was Cappy. His mother’s name is Vivian, and George and Vivian had an amazing relationship, and George always speaks highly of his mother. Vivian had a career in education.

George graduated from Belton High School in 1985m and in 1990 he graduated from Texas Tech University, majoring in mass communication. Even though he liked acting a lot, he never thought of it as his destiny, nor did he considered to make it the main focus in his life. Before his acting career took flight, he used to work as a salesman of copy machines, and unlike other things in his early life that he enjoyed and loved so much, this job was making him miserable, but he had to do it because of money.

When his parents divorced, he ended up living with his mom, and after she found a new boyfriend, Dudley Baker, George had a fine relationship with him.

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After realizing how miserable he is in his sales jobs, he decided that maybe acting is his destiny, and he started thinking of ideas on how to make his acting career going. His stepfather gave him his car to go to Los Angeles, even though he didn’t want to stay there for long, and after some time Eads got a role in a soap opera titled Savannah. After the soap opera became very successful, so did Eads, and his career seemed bright at the time. Aaron Spelling was the producer, and even though George’s character died in the near beginning of the show, fans were so desperate to have him back, and so the producer deiced to bring him back to portrait his identical twin brother.

Another big hit series in the 90s was ER, and George Eads was a part of the cast. His most notable role came in 2000 where he portrayed Nick Stokes, one of the main characters in the hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the series was happening in Las Vegas. The series and the character George Eads played were so amazing that he stayed for a total of 14 years and 14 seasons. He decided it is time to move on in 2014, and he said several times how he had more than amazing time on the show and hat he made some lifetime friends, with whom he is still keeping in touch.

Another notable role in this American actor’s career was the role of Jack Dalton in CBS’ series titled MacGyver, and he appeared in the series from 2016 to 2019. As the series was filming in Atlanta, the actor said how difficult it was for him to juggle his personal and professional life, as his daughter wasn’t living in Atlanta.

In addition to the television series, he also appeared in some movies like Crowned and Dangerous, Just a Walk in the Park, Monte Walsh, Second String, and Evel Knievel. Eads is also a voice actor as he gave voice to Captain Atom in Justice League Unlimited and Barry Allen also known as Flash in Young Justice.

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Personal life

George Eads has a reputation of being a little too unreliable when it comes to filming series and TV shows. It is nothing serious, but at the beginning of CSI, he was constantly late of purpose because producers weren’t giving him a raise for his role. After realizing that his money won’t go up, Eads apologized, and producers let him go back at the show. During MacGyver, he also wanted a little more than he was given, and that led to some disagreement between the actor and the producers.

George Eads was married to Monika Casey from 2011 to 2015. In 2014 Monica gave birth to their first child, and they named her Dylan.

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George Eads Net Worth 2024

George Eads was even named one of the sexiest stars in 2009, and despite his age, hi still looks fit. His many roles in TV shows and movies brought him a big fortune, and as of 2024, George Eads’ estimated net worth is $13 million.