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Do File Transfer Services Reduce the Quality of Your Files?

File Transfer Services

In today’s world, we are constantly sharing some types of files. The reasons why we are doing that vary. For instance, companies send over data for different business purposes. On the other hand, individuals send files such as videos, images, audio, and other stuff to each other for some private purposes. 

Fortunately, we are living in the 21st century, and the entire process won’t last too long (it depends on the size of your file or folder and your Internet connection). The question that most people have is whether the file transfer process reduces data quality. Well, that’s something we can’t answer clearly and unambiguously because both yes and no are the correct answers.

Whether the transfer of data reduces the quality of the transferred files depends on the way you send those files. For instance, a service like FileWhopper is not going to affect the quality of your files during the transfer process at all. Besides that, you can also use email to send a file, and its quality will remain the same. However, don’t forget that email services have certain limits, and they are not a good option if you plan to transfer large files or folders.

On the other hand, let’s say that you want to upload a file on Facebook or send it through Facebook Messenger. If you are doing this all the time, then you already know that the quality of the images transferred this way goes down. If the camera that you use is good, the difference won’t be too visible. However, if the original quality of the photo you want to transfer is not quite good, then the difference in quality between what you upload and what is received by your recipient will be obvious.

All in all, to make some sort of conclusion at the beginning of the article, the best option businesses (and individuals as well) have is to transfer files with dedicated software solutions that won’t harm the quality of their data in any way. If you are not sure whether this option is good for you or not, then we recommend you check out the text below. We have highlighted all the benefits that you get from using file transfer software. So, let’s get started!

File Transfer Programs Are Easy to Use

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The main feature of these programs is simplicity. You do not have to be a genius or web developer to figure out how these programs function. All you have to do is create an account (sometimes, this won’t be necessary) and click on the “Upload” button. After you do that, you need to find the location of your file on your personal computer, laptop, or any other device.

After you mark all the files that you want to send, only click “OK” or something like that and wait for a couple of seconds or minutes and the job is finished. The ways these programs function are usually the same or similar. One option is to get a link that you can send to a friend on social media.

After he or she clicks on the link, a new window where the files can be downloaded will appear. On the other hand, it may happen that you will have to enter the email of the person that you want to send the files to. After the files upload, they will automatically be sent to the email that you entered. Doesn’t this seem like something everyone can do?

File Transfer Tools Are a Time-Saving Option

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Well, this is another thing that you need to have in mind. Believe it or not, in most cases, the entire process won’t last more than 10 minutes. Of course, this depends on the size of the files that you plan to transfer. If they are too big, then you may need to wait a bit longer. However, if they are not, then you can complete the entire procedure (more precisely, the software will complete it) in just a few minutes.

Of course, there is another factor that you need to consider. The entire procedure also depends on your Internet speed. So, if the upload process lasts a bit longer, then you can’t blame the program for that.

Anyway, this can be an essential benefit for businesses that want to deliver some files to foreign companies and clients. If you do this quickly with a fast file transfer solution, then they will consider you professional and reliable. On the other hand, if they have to wait for some crucial files too long, that could ruin your reputation.

File Transfer Services Facilitate Remote Work

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Keep in mind that your company is not going to transfer files exclusively to other companies. Your employees as well will exchange a large amount of data every single day. If they all work in one office, this won’t be a big problem. However, if they work remotely, then file transfer programs are what is going to save the day.

This especially counts for the current period. A lot of companies had to switch to remote work because of the pandemic. Because of that, if they want to ensure everything functions properly, then the only option they have is to use these programs. As previously mentioned, they are a time saver, and we are sure that is reason enough to try them out.

File Transfer Tools Are Eco-Friendly

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Why would file transfer programs be an eco-friendly solution? Well, companies are using a large amount of paperwork every single day to complete their business operations. However, if you start using file transfer programs, the number of printed documents you will have to use will significantly reduce.

That is good for two different reasons. First of all, you will save a decent amount of money by reducing the amount of paper you need for everyday duties. Despite that, all the people around you will benefit because you are directly protecting nature.

Of course, you are not going to solve the global problem alone, but if you inspire other companies, things can become much better in a couple of years. Keep in mind that this will also boost your reputation, and it is an excellent way to improve your brand identity as well.


So, file transfer programs are not going to reduce the quality of your files. Of course, this only counts if you pick the best solutions, and we recommend a safe and convenient tool that deserves your attention. When transferring files and folders of any size with this pay-as-you-go tool, you will get numerous benefits, such as saving money and time, improving brand awareness and reputation, etc. This way, you will be able to modernize your business.