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Famous People That Used to Work as Plumbers

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Life as we know it takes us on different paths. One road we choose by ourselves and some are just imposed by the situation you are in at the moment. Bumps on the road ahead of us are there for all of us, we must find the will-momentum and strength to keep moving forward. You may think and say this is easy to say but much harder to do, right? The best things in life come with a lot of sweat from your part, and you will always cherish every second of it later as your valuable life experience.

Similar to the theory mentioned above, the craft of a plumber is a demanding task of its own. Every job is an extraordinary story that involves different circumstances, situations, and above all, people. Such a memorable experience shape the way we see life before and after it. Look, famous people are persons of emotions and blood similar to you and me, the difference is where they have ended up. They get to tell their side of the story and get applause for it, well deserved in our opinion. We have done the homework and prepared a list of famous people who once in their life path worked as plumbers.

Michael Caine

Source: Insider

Our first member is no other than Michael Caine. With a sparkling career as an actor, producer, and author, he has marked the last 70 years contributing to a vast number of movies.  Born in South London in 1933, he is still considered as a British movie icon. The fact that he has starred in seven movies that are in the list of documented as the best British films of the 20th century confirms his greatness in this field. After his involvement with the British army in the Korean War, which he has marked as a life-changing experience, he took up plumber’s craft. He found work as an assistant plumber when he came back to England. Soon his career skyrockets and became a globally-popular movie star at the start of the 1960s.

Albert Einstein

Source: New Scientist

The famous German Nobel Prize winner and a person who will b remembered in history as one of the grates minds of all times have made this list. The well-known physicist, philosopher, besides his known contribution to the history of science, was interested in plumber’s craft. Although there is no documented evidence that he worked as a plumber, he expressed his admiration openly.

In an interview with Forbs magazine, he stated that if he was given another life, he would implement the trade of plumbing. It attracted him to make a living from attending to people’s requirements in this field. And separated him from studying science and teaching once more, maybe he found out it was a more personally satisfying craft with less stress. What would our emergency plumbers look and sound like if Albert Einstein switched his profession?

John L. Sullivan

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The boxing star of the 19th century and the first heavyweight champion of the world, John L. Sullivan, is next on the list. At his prime, he was called by the press as Boston strong boy, but not many people know that he even started studying Boston college priesthood circa. This was only for a short period when Sullivan decided to quit school at the start of a professional baseball career. Also, if he was paid a significant amount at the time, he decided to leave the baseball career and start regularly boxing.

The well-known story of the famous John L. Sullivan, the first world champion in gloved boxing in the heavyweight category, is still told with admiration. He took up the plumber’s trade as a solution to his financial difficulties at some point in his life. He will be remembered as the first heavyweight champion from 1882-1892 that promoted the sport and made it what it is today, a spectacle. He won over 450 fights in his career and has a record in his professional career of 40 wins out of 44 matches, 2 draws, 1 lost, and one without a contestant.

John Robert Cocker

Source: Maybe it’s just me

The British singer John Robert Cocker is the next big name on the list. He was born in a middle-class working family and started contributing from a young age. Cocker was a singer with a specific voice, memorable performance, and unique personality. His appearances, like in Woodstock in 1969 is still his trademark, which many have tried to copy. Because of the fact he grew up in a working-class family, he didn’t find it hard to support his music career with the plumber’s craft.  He is still considered as one of the best soul singers ever in the history of music, emphasizing his vocals potentials. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest of his time for sure.

Robert William Hoskins

Source: Tunes.Zone

The English actor born in the working-class family was also used to support his ambitious prospects while working in different jobs. Bob Hoskins made a name for himself in Victoria Theatre in1968 Romeo and Juliet. Soon the offers for supporting roles came in, and after more severe work, he established himself as a Hollywood star in the 1980s and 1990s. His life path was as challenging as you can think. When attending secondary school Stroud Green in London, he was considered to be behind the rest of the class, because of his physical condition dyslexia.

He left school at the age of 15 and supported his acting aspirations with crafts like plumbing. Although, through his confession, he was not so skillful and didn’t last long as a plumber before he decided to find another job. Hoskins also worked as a lorry driver for a while, a window cleaner, porter, etc. An excellent example of a person who makes small steps towards final success with all obstacles in front of him like a motivation to do more.

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of famous people who took the art of plumbing before reaching for the stars.