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6 Fact & Fictions of Online Casinos

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Online casinos have been plagued with many misconceptions and misunderstandings since the day they emerged on the internet. Folks who live in remote areas and don’t have access to the traditional casinos welcomed it with open arms. However, there are still players who are on the fence when it comes to online gambling, faced with a great deal of uncertainty and doubts. For them, we’ll try to sort out facts from fiction and break some of the most popular myths surrounding online casinos.

1. Online casinos are not safe

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Many people are worried about leaving their personal information, especially bank accounts and credit card numbers, online. And for a good reason. Hackers indeed see online gambling as potentially easy targets for collecting personal data of the players, but casinos are also aware that they are particularly susceptible to cybercrime, too. This is why many online gambling sites raised their security levels, implementing the latest vigorous security measures, and encrypting data. Nowadays, making a transaction on the online gambling site is as safe as making an online credit card purchase. Still, part of the responsibilities falls on the players too. Before making any bets make sure that you are on the reputable site, checking their policies and reading the fine print. Also, a good way to make sure that you’re on a safe site is to have that little padlock symbol in your address bar. To check out some verified gambling sites visit nettikasinot.com.

2. Online games are rigged

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Online gambling is not any more rugged than traditional casinos. In online games numbers are picked by the RNG – random number generator, so that the players can be assured that they stand a fair chance against the casino. Also, it’s not in casinos’ best interest to raise any doubts among gamblers and they go out of their way to publicly provide transparency. Every player has access to the online game history where they can check for any discrepancies. Furthermore, software developers have regular and random audits of the online casinos ensuring accuracy and reliability. The fact is that gamblers play more hands in online casinos, simply because the games are faster, which leaves them with a feeling that they lost loads of cash in a very short time, thus blaming casinos that the games are fixed.

3. Card counting

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There is a widespread myth about counting cards in online casinos. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, even in brick-and-mortar establishments. There are eight decks in the dealer’s shoe and usually, only one-third of the cards are used for one game making it virtually impossible to keep track of the cards. Measures like this were implemented to avoid the uncertainty of the person dealing cards, as well as the players cheating their way to winnings. This being said, online casinos added one more feature to avoid suspicion. All eight decks in the shoe are shuffled after every hand. Not after every game, but after every hand! The computer does this quickly and automatically so that every player gets a fair shake.

4. Winners don’t get paid

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The truth is that there have been some incidents in the past with online casinos emptying players’ accounts and closing down the website. The word spread like a wildfire leaving all online casinos with a stain in their portfolios. The press got ahold of this and began a ruthless smearing campaign about online casinos being cybercriminals in disguise. This is not true at all, it was just one bad apple, and things like this happen in every line of business. But, if you’re still bugged by it, don’t put more funds on your online casino account than you are willing to spend in the day, just to be on the safe side. As far as paying out the winnings, online casinos have their own procedures just like traditional ones. They need a bunch of documents proving the identity of the winner, along with loads of paper for him or her to sign. Sure, it’s a hassle, but it’s necessary in order to honor all security measures.

5. Online gambling is highly addictive

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Gambling is addictive, regardless of where you play. The assumption that online casinos are more addictive then the land-based ones comes from the fact that online gambling is easier to access, which is true – it can’t get easier than to gamble from the comfort of your own home. However, online casinos, being fully aware of the addictive nature of gambling, implemented some features that can help players get a grip on their spending. Software is tracking the number of games a person played, as well as their time spent on the site and the amount of money spent, so online casinos put in place features like self- limits, and suggested temporary breaks in playing. You won’t see this in traditional casinos, where you can go from one table to another until you empty all your bank accounts.

6. Bonuses are impossible to earn

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It’s not impossible, but it is hard. House will always win, you have to keep that in mind, so giving away free money is not in their best interest. Bonuses are usually available for slots where casinos earn fat profits from, but very rarely in games like blackjack where the house makes much less. Online casinos have to make money to stay in the game, it’s just the nature of the gambling business. To sum it up, bonuses are free for grabs, but you shouldn’t count on them to be a regular source of playing money. Also, don’t fall for thousands of dollars as a sign-up bonus on some online gambling websites and use your common sense – it’s too good to be true.

When entering the world of online gambling, you have to remember that the prevailing factor is pure luck with the pinch of experience. Winners never complain that the game is rigged, right? It’s a risk you are willingly taking and, win or lose, it’s nobody’s fault. Gamble responsibly, be wise, stay alert and good luck!